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Toddler Naruto
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  • I recently got hired by Burger King themselves, I'll be officially on their payroll tomorrow.

    I was hired before by PRIDE as a paid intern, but I was still a BK employee.
    ... You know, we don't have a thread like that. I guess the closest thing would be the what are you playing now thread--maaaaybe the backlog support thread--but hmmm... nothing else really fits, huh? :eek:

    And no rush, haha! I wasn't planning on getting the game soon anyway. xD It was just something on my interested list.

    Please tell me what you think about Heavy Rain when you finish the game! It's been on my list for a while but--obviously--I haven't picked it up/played it yet. :)
    Could you please take down/replace your Profile pic with something not sexual?

    It offends people who aren't into that fetish community.

    Νot really, I can get the main gist without that. If I have some questions, I may check a forum or a wiki later.
    wow, no one has called me that before! Interesting :lol:

    Yup. I see. Well, I want to be always ahead, so I pick raw.
    Oh, you do? kidding And in the privacy of your forum account too.

    He is Shuzou Hiragi from Yugioh ARC-V.
    Lots of people wish that, who knows, I may do it too in 8 years.

    (oh, yes, you are a toddler, lol)
    Ohh I don't watch the anime either. Though in that case, have you played the games in the past? Or used to watch the anime?
    Oh it's nothing, I'll never turn a friend request down. :p

    Though I always do like talking to the regulars in Ent, Inc as well. x)
    You are welcome again :p You may look a little younger, but, yeah, something over 20 I thought.
    Teenager, to be honest, not really.
    Thanks for the friend request!
    You look really nice in that picture :thumbup: I agree with Midorikawa a bit
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