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Recent content by TokoTamer

  1. TokoTamer

    Transferring your Pokemon from Brillant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Legends Arceus to Sword and Shield

    I agree that it will likely be a one-way street, but I actually think an additional Dex update to SWSH is probably more likely than people think. Unlike previous remakes, BDSP seem to be similar to LGPE in the sense that they probably won't have the depth to become the dominant competitive...
  2. TokoTamer

    Leaks/Rumors Thread

    It would probably make battles closer to the anime to at least some degree, yes. ATB is a battle system that was created by Square Enix (Square at the time) for Final Fantasy IV, but since then plenty of other JRPGs have done their own spin on it. The gist of how it works is it's a turn-based...
  3. TokoTamer

    Main Series or Spinoff?

    As many others have already pointed out, this isn't really a debatable topic when we've been directly told that they are main series titles. Personal opinions on what should and should not be a main series title will of course differ, but you can't argue against an established fact. I think the...
  4. TokoTamer

    Preview M20: I Choose You!

    But we don't know exactly what kind of story it's going to tell yet. There's no way of knowing at this point that it's 100% an expanded retelling of episode 1. All we can do is speculate off of a short teaser and the title. Why can you not seem to handle anything even remotely different from...
  5. TokoTamer

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    Ah, I see. I thought you were just worried about losing the convenience of touch controls, which could still exist so long as the game supports them. But yes, the Switch is 100% confirmed to be a purely single screen experience.
  6. TokoTamer

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    New rumors suggest that the Switch's screen may actually be multi-touch, akin to modern smartphones and tablets. We'll find out in January.
  7. TokoTamer

    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    It's not about it being "good enough," it's about having an appropriate technological leap to warrant remakes. The biggest problem with DPPt remakes in Generation VII is the lack of a large enough leap to justify them. Remakes have never been about what generation they're released in, but...
  8. TokoTamer

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    I think it's important to keep in mind, whether if helps one's argument or not, that the Switch is ultimately not a handheld device. It's merely a home console device with an extensive portable component. It's a permanent replacement for the Wii U and a temporary companion to the 3DS-- as...
  9. TokoTamer

    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    Is it unfair? Technically, sure. But I guess it was also unfair when Colosseum and XD came along and gave GameCube owners Pokémon that were unavailable to the GBA games, right? Stars may be "unfair," but it's certainly not unrealistic. Game Freak was one of the first developers to get their...
  10. TokoTamer

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    In hindsight my original post was poorly worded, that's not exactly what I meant. I'm suggesting that, at the very least, the naming scheme of the feature we have now (with the use of "Z") may have been influenced by a gimmick in development for a new Kalos game. I'm not saying that the Z-Ring...
  11. TokoTamer

    [SPOILERS] The story of Sun&Moon

    So I had a thought and I'm curious as to how other Pokémon lore enthusiasts feel. It's really great to see all of these returning characters in Sun & Moon (Red, Blue, Colress, Cynthia, etc.), but does anyone here feel that the timeline split lessens the emotional impact of their appearance to a...
  12. TokoTamer

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    I'm under the same impression. I feel there is a good amount of evidence suggesting an uncomfortable U-turn in TPC and Game Freak's plans and that they were initially intending for Generation VI to end up with more games than it did. I don't think it was necessarily a traditional third version...
  13. TokoTamer

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    Now I'm not saying that Stars for Switch is a thing that's happening, but if you're not even willing to consider that Eurogamer and Emily Rogers might have some good info on their hands then I think it's pretty safe to say that you probably don't follow the video game industry very much..
  14. TokoTamer

    Pokemon SM is NOT continuation of XY(&Z)

    It's pretty simple, really. Pokémon fans, more so than any other fandom, are incredibly resistant to change. SM is the most different the show has ever been and is therefore "bad." Whether it's the new art direction, the excess humor, Satoshi's personality, the lack of explicit traveling...
  15. TokoTamer

    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    Except for the fact that Serebii himself has already stated he believes the starter evolution concept art is the real deal (despite not believing them initially). In his own words, they're simply not on his front page because they're easy "cease and desist bait." The designs were incredibly...