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  • long time hope everythings going good.
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    Hey Justin, how's life been treating you, bud? Hope you've been doing well since I last spoke to you. It's been a very hectic summer, hope yours hasn't been too busy and that you've been able to enjoy some of it.
    I'm so happy for you. I wish you 2 the best of luck for a future wedding. It's great to hear you 2 are still doing well. That's a very good sign for the future.=)

    I haven't heard of that store. Though it great to hear you got a new job. Your job sounds very interesting.

    Your like my father. He loves old computers aswell.

    I'm a bit opposite. It may have something to do with my animation interest but a computer that can handle good quality CGI animations is what interests me. However I can't afford it.lol
    They're so expensive especially if I want one that is powerful enough and fast enough to render at a good speed. I would love to make CGI animations on the same level of Dreamworks one day. I can dream.

    Doesn't stop me looking at magazines advertising the higher quality processors and graphics cards though.XP

    I'm currently running off of Blender which is a free 3D programme.lol
    Can't afford the actual industry used ones yet.

    Though I did manage to get a 2D programme on sale that is used by the industry called Harmony. So that's better than nothing. I love 2D personally and there's alot of 2D cartoons at the moment that use harmony.=)

    Yeah I can understand not having enough time after work and being exhausted. Alot of the time after work I find myself listening to music because I'm too tired to do anything else.=/

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Hopefully things start looking up for her this year.
    Hi. It's been a long time.

    I'm doing great.^-^
    Been into other interests in recent years but I like to hang around to talk still.=)
    Well the interests aren't too different I guess. I mean I seem to have switched from Pokemon to sonic. Still both animations in the end which is still my interest in getting into the industry one day.=3

    On top of that I've been looking at a lot of western cartoons as of late. The kids industry seems to have heavily shifted towards that which has intrigued me. More chance of getting in, it's just working out who the new companies coming in are.^-^;;;;;;;

    Though when it comes to getting into the industry, it's taking longer than expected. A certain quality is expected and I got to somehow meet that...........

    I still look at Pokemon on occasions. Like to see what's happening. I'm very casual with it these days though.

    Currently I'm still working in retail though it's a different company to the last time we talked. Things have gotten very difficult where I live. Retail companies are closing down left and right. It's pretty bad.=/

    It's great hearing from you again. How have you been?
    I love being with you too! 4 years ago I never would have imagined we'd come this far. We have to keep going forward.
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