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Recent content by !Tommy

  1. !Tommy

    You may not know this but...

    Awesome!! And I'm in no rush whatsoever. :) I'll PM you the details!
  2. !Tommy

    You may not know this but...

    Those are really good :o I'm curious since you stated you're taking requests, do you work on any trainer sprites at all? If so, I do have a request if you have the time and are up to the challenge.
  3. !Tommy

    Nintendo of Europe hacked: European branch hit one week after Nintendo USA hacked

    I don't know how they have the time to do all this hacking. They must be spoiled brats who have nothing to do in life. No job, no house to take care of, no spouse, nothing. All I can say is I don't have time for this sort of stuff.
  4. !Tommy

    VOTE: vB3 or vB4?

    I prefer vBulletin 3, but I think with time I'll get used to the new vBulletin 4. It's like going from Windows XP to Windows 7, they're the same in a lot of ways but there are also a number of differences that make them seem really different. I personally don't use Twitter so that's useless for...
  5. !Tommy

    Profile Customizations

    It's possible that could be the issue. I just reinstalled Windows not long ago (after the update started) so my cache should be completely clean from that so it must have something to do that the old vB3 customizations are clashing with vB4. Thanks for the reply.
  6. !Tommy

    Profile Customizations

    On the old forum, I had turned off profile customizations as I'm still only on dialup and it's very taxing to my connection to load custom backgrounds, colors, fonts, etc. However, since the upgrade, whether I have it turned on or off in the general options, I still see their customizations. I...
  7. !Tommy

    Database error?

    The problem is that vBulletin can't locate the database defined in the setup file, or parts of it, which is why that error appears. It could be that the server is still active but it wasn't able to locate the database, hence why it's that type of error rather than a 503. Sometimes it can be...
  8. !Tommy

    I Don't Catch Them All

    Back in the R/B/Y/G/S days, I had two Gameboys. I had the original and then I bought a color version so then I bought a special cable that would link an original and color together (since the sizes were different.) So I was able to catch them all without cheating. I had caught them all...
  9. !Tommy

    My notifications are loopy

    Typically if you receive a message from someone on your ignore list, it will show a physical VM from someone with their name but it'll say something to the effects of, "This message is hidden because this person is on your ignore list."