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  • True, but it's past the time any mail is really moving now and it's been 11 days and it takes about 4-5 days for something to move from the east coast to the mid-west so seeing as how your game came on the 25th it should be here by Friday or Saturday.
    NoirTheCHA It seems that the packages may not move on sundays so subtract 2 sundays and that actually makes it 10 days
    i live on the east coast. according to play-asia it can take 5-12 days BUT in rare cases it can take 4-5 weeks. thats all i can really say sorry
    Hey just wondering. You live in the U.S right, so which part?? The west coast?? Cause my game is still not here /.\
    it came through the Postal Service which in my case was USPS

    @NoirTheCha I do battle competitivly so maybe we can battle in the future
    If you wouldn't mind me asking, did your game come through the postal service or via courier?
    Your info makes me happy!! Have fun playing your game and I'm thinking mines gonna be here monday!!! Do you do competitive battling, cause maybe we could have some B&W battles maybe later??
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