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  • Treecko is too awesome to be hurt by your silly fire! :p *Outs fire with just a swish of its awesome tail*

    I won a phone recently. (One of those S4 thingies that everyone seems to want, except me xD) so I'll just sell it and keep the money for a Wii U yay! Once Mario Kart, DK: Tropical Freeze and Smash Bros. are released, there will the no stopping me :D. I probably suck at brawl now, I haven't touched that thing in ages :( . Being a working adult kinda sucks as you have no time for anything. I wanna go back to studying haha.

    Thanks! :) And you're welcome.
    Yes that's how I felt about my exams after my very first semester too! Trust me, you'll feel even better about them next semester! *Pushes random Torchic into nearby river* :B

    OMG, my face was like O_O when I saw Hyrule Warriors. I never played the series that the game seem based off of by I was just like "I WANT THAT NOW." xD. All my 'maybes' are literally gone. I will get one whenever I see one. They've all sold out over here for the holidays, but I will pounce whenever I get the chance. I miss brawl so much :( (And gaming in general) We will definitely make time! :p

    Last and by no means least: Merry Christmas, TK! :D
    No problem! I figured, since this is the time my finals would've been going on as well. I hope all of your exams went well! Also that is a very, very strange way to spell Treecko :p

    Ronsalina was such a pleasant surprise! I didn't think that they would add any more characters from the Mario franchise, so when I saw her it made me very excited. 2014 is the year I'm going to buy a Wii U.. I can't resist for much longer xD. Too many awesome things are set ot be realsed next year.
    LOL! I find that amusing! The grass starters are clearly superior from Gen III and onwards. *Sticks nose up at the fire starters*

    I look for info on Smash Bros like every other day xD. I must see more!
    All this Zelda talk is going to make me do another playthrough of Twilight Princess. It's been a while .
    Aww, no Chesnaught? TEARS xD

    The Super Mario 3D world coming out this week looks so amazing! The signs will soon overwhelm me and I will cave haha. Eh, The Wind Waker was great, but of all the Zelda games I've played, its my last favorite. Don't let that stop you from getting it in the future though, its pretty fun!
    Silly Delpohx xD. Have you picked up XY as yet/ Are you planning to pick it up during your break?

    Speaking of which, I have no idea when I'll get a break lol. I try to squeeze in a bit of gameplay during my weekends, but I'm kinda bored with the games I own. Maybe that's the perfect excuse to motivate my to get that Wii U... :p
    It looks like a fox got tangled up in a dress :( I did appreciate the different starter typings as well, it was extremely refreshing. I think I'll skip the dub this time around except for important things like Gym Battles. The story is going quite nicely.

    In accounting, you use every book haha, so I never got to escape. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess are my two favourite Zelda games ever. Such a tough choice! I think I like TP just a teeny bit more, the story is amazing and the visuals will blow you away. Skyward Sword is great too though, and gets bonus points for using the Wii's motion capabilities. I'd say go with TP, but either way you wont be disappointed.
    IF (xD) by some stroke of luck I don't own a Wii U by the time Zelda is released for it, I know my heart will melt immediately and I will rush to the nearest game store right there and then :p
    Agreed. I thought Fennekin was nice in its starter stage, but after seeing its evolutions...eh. Easily my least favourite of the 3. Oh nice, you watched it too!? That's great. I didn't catch the dub of it though, too lazy to be bothered after already seeing the raw xD

    Especially textbooks! So ridiculously priced. I always tried to keep mine in as good condition as possible so I could sell it the following year and not be broke forever, haha. Zelda has always been a favorite of mine and probably will be for a long time. You should try one of the Wii ones! I don't own any handhelds so I probably won't ever get to play A Link Between Worlds, but I'll probably cave and buy a Wii U in the future and play whatever Zelda is released for that xD
    Chespin was my favourite from the beginning. And I love it the most still. Its final form looks so amazing <3. The Gen VI anime is also off to an extremely impressive start so I'm sort of excited about it again haha.

    Well I've applied, so we shall see what happens! Scholarships of so extremely useful its insane getting through uni without one. Make the best use of it! Also, that is the best kind of friend haha, what wonderful series to be interested in . I can't remember if you were into Zelda as well?
    The Gen V anime was fairly terrible.. I pretty much gave up on it xD. But just like the games, the tidibits of the Gen VI anime that were shown so far were very awesome and have piqued my interest and I'm sort of looking forward to it. In the games department, what I really want to see right now are the final forms of the starters :B

    For me, anywhere would be a great country and experience. I'm 21 and I've never gone overseas ever ;_;. So I think I'd be amazed no matter where I go xP. At least you'll get the experience of living away from home though. Since the local university here is olny like 15 minutes drive away from me, I never got the chance to do that(I say that like its bad, but I don't think it is xD). And yes! Uni is a great place for meeting hordes of new people. It really is a wonderful experience.
    For me, there's something about this new generation that just seems, I don't know, so much better haha. There's something about it that just makes it seem so much more exciting than Gen IV or V and I can't put my finger on it. I haven't been interested in the games for quite a while now, and my interest in the show has become almost non-existent, so hopefully this generation rekindles the lost love I have for the franchise in one, if not both of those areas.

    I'm currently in the process of putting together information to apply to do a master's degree in England. We'll see if its meant to be haha. What have you been up to?
    I sort of regretted not doing Economics after a while, but by the time I finished uni, I was just glad to be done! xD. It can get pretty strenuous.

    Aaaaaaa. Stop reading my mind! If I didn't know any better I would swear I typed that paragraph about Paper Mario myself! Haha, I agree with you down to the very last word. Perhaps I'll play the original one again when I have some free time (lol non-existant) just to feel nostalgic. Speaking of games, are you excited for the new gen of Pokemon?

    Tell me about it! Alas, I really don't think one is coming anytime soon :(
    I want another 4-day weekend ;_; xD. Props to him for doing Computer Science. I always like hearing someone else studying CS/IT like I did, it's actually a pretty difficult major. I hope he does well! Ah, well I hope you find something that you like! I'm sure you'll do well no matter what you choose. Economics is really interesting as well. I almost double majored in I.T. and Economics instead, but swung to the Accounting side at the last minute.

    I will always remember that episode Cruise Blues :p Knuckles was quite awesome. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The Pit of 100 Trials! That day we did it together is one of my favourite memories. I wish a Paper Mario game as good as that would be released in the near future..

    Yea, I'm hoping to get perhaps a year's experience working, and then perhaps do the Master's but nothing's set in stone *is very indecisive always* xD. But who knows what will happen. What I'd really like now is vacation! Between my final semester of uni and work beginning literally as soon as that finished, I haven't had a proper break since Christmas!
    I'd love to get a job, but I'm busy as it is, so I'll try to find a casual during the Christmas break if I can find one.

    I've just been busy with school and dance, as usual, what with it being my usual excuse for not frequenting these boards muxh any more... XD
    I apologise for not talking to you in so long, though! How've you been? I've missed everyone so much.
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