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  • Okay, I have some issues with your posts. In the OOC thread, I made a rule that bodily functions weren't allowed to be in the Rp. That means urination too. Please remove that from your post. If this happens again, I'm going to have to remove you from the Rp. I won't tolerate posts with that kind of content in them.
    I'm waiting on one more person who reserved a spot to post their sign up. If things go well, I should start up Monday or so.

    Oh, yeah I totally misunderstood. Yep, it's a JRPG. And they're really fun. I've played FFIV, XIII, and will soon play VII. I also play the spin-offs called Dissidia Final Fantasy.
    That's a long time, though lol

    Well, they've been released in other countries, including America. I wouldn't play a Japense game, not my style~ .... I think I misunderstood you.
    You got it all planned out. =)

    I'm not sure when I'm getting my games. I've been getting into the Final Fantasy series so I've been getting a lot of those games ^^ It's chipping away at my low funds but man are they fun.
    Oh. I don't think we have that here.
    But wait, wouldn't that mean that regular mods can't infract? Then what's the point of regular mods? How can they enforce the rules?

    I'm sure.

    Oh, cool =)
    What's a mod+? You mean a Super Mod with the bold letters?

    Yeah. At least you're not the only sane one.

    Yeah, I remember him. He was 9 when I was there, I think?
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