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  • Ummm... *facepalm* Nooo... I haven't started. Dx

    I want black so I can have Reshi.

    Gimp is good.

    ooh, pretty.. :O
    Ooh, I like them.. What program do you use [sorry if I already asked xD]?
    The first one definitely has a ... certain vibe to it. Kind of solemn and lonely feeling. Second two are kind of happy and celebrate-y.

    I am just gonna wait until the game comes out and the price drops [I always do this to save money] because usually the games are about 50$ new around here. o_O I remember my soul silver was 56$ and some other games around the shop were.. around 40-49.

    I'll do some and see what you think. How about zoroark and zorua and some other 5th gen pokes?

    Yeah, we tend to get the games last around here.. xP
    Naw, it's okey.
    Can I see them?

    Me too, I can hardly wait for the new game..
    Like recolors of B/W pokemon or scratch sprites?

    It hasn't even come on that much in California. (USA)

    EVERYONE'S older than me.. xD
    *bangs head against table*
    Whoah! Dude, that banner is awesome!! :O The text, too. and the glowy stuff.. and and and O_O

    Those recolors are cool. Any specific color scheme? Or just using colors from other pokes?
    It's okay, I understand. That's awesome to hear! So did I. :3
    Really? I'm not even really as good as you with banners, and I've tried for about 3/4 years.. o_O never really had it in me to figure out the secret though.
    I'm just not good with banners and sigs, let's say that. I'm more of a pixel person.
    Aww, thanks comrade. :)
    Four years teaching myself.

    Merry Christmas to you too, and I hope you get some awesome gifts.

    I made the poem-thingy. I used to be Soul-Lugia here. xD

    My old shop. It makes me feel nostalgic to look at this.
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