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  • Well, I am not expecting it to happen. Apparently, the only reason for Fairy's existence is that Game Freak wanted to nerf Dragon. Fairy and Light aren't identical, but they do have a fair amount of overlap.
    The Strange Souvenir region is pretty obviously going to be the next region we see, so I think that it will contain Guipna as a sub-region. The Strange Souvenir itself does imply a South American basis.
    The origin of Pokémon. It really hasn't been touched upon outside of a few loose references to Mew as the ancestor.

    I think that the next region will be based on Guyana, or at least part of it will (possibly the post-game area) with the rest being based on Brazil. This is implied by the anime's recent reference to Guipna Highlands (Lapidarian Highlands in the dub) as "one of the last unexplored regions in the world." Guipna is a corruption of Guyana (this is particularly evident in Japanese) and I highly doubt that the reference means nothing (it didn't add anything to the episode in question, but that just makes it more suspicious).

    Since Guipna is supposed to be unexplored, it can't be a normal region with human settlements. So either Guipna is just one section of Guyana (which has at least three distinct parts in real life), or Guyana itself is supposed to be attached to a greater region (Brazil) much like the Sevii Islands are to Kanto. Either way, Mew's connection to Guyana should make it prominent in the lore of the next region.
    It's just a theory, but May/Brendan is from Johto, and Mr. Pokémon said that he'd received the orbs from a friend (so he had already been familiar with that person). Also, vague references like this one aren't necessary for anyone but the player characters (whom Game Freak refuse to canonize with the exception of Red).

    Will that attribute be referenced as well to Brendan/May in OR/AS or that it was just an HG/SS excuse since both legendaries were version exclusives to both respective said versions?
    I'm quite positive that it was just an excuse for HGSS.
    Those orbs were the key to summoning the Weather trio to the Embedded Tower. We can safely assume that Groudon and Kyogre didn't pose any threat while in the Embedded Tower, considering that they didn't even affect the weather. It would appear that these two are only dangerous in Hoenn, perhaps due to the Cave of Origin serving as their power source, so I can definitely see why the Mt. Pyre couple would want May/Brendan to take the orbs to Johto. I suppose that ORAS may allude to this by having the couple entrust the orbs to the player rather than taking them back, but that's a bit problematic since the player and legendaries will still be in Hoenn.

    The Jade Orb honestly seems rather pointless.
    Even if Rayquaza is included in the climax, I doubt that we'll have to go to Sky Pillar to awaken it. Game Freak are probably not going to detract attention from the version mascots, so if anything I see Rayquaza simply emerging from the sky (which is more or less what Giratina did). When you think about it, the Sky Pillar sidequest was rather pointless, especially as nothing alluded to Rayquaza being dormant. Maybe the Jade Orb will be used to summon it to Sootopolis City instead, but honestly, I would think that Rayquaza wouldn't need any invitation to stop Groudon and Kyogre.

    And sadly, I doubt that Game Freak will foreshadow the Embedded Tower event. I assume that May/Brendan was the one who took the Red and Blue Orbs to Mr. Pokémon in Johto, but if Game Freak didn't confirm that in HGSS when it was relevant, they probably aren't going to do it in ORAS. It's kind of a shame that HGSS alluded to a future Hoenn that we'll never see.
    Don't you find XY underwhelming? Not to mention the announcement of remakes (Emerald elements are hardly going to be enough to make ORAS interesting). This generation is a disappointment as far as I'm concerned.
    I don't want a third legendary, as I'd much rather that Game Freak expand X and Y via DLC and release a different version pair based on a completely separate story. If that were the case, then obviously there would be two mascots rather one. Life and Fertility/Creation tend to be incorporated together, as are Death/Afterlife and Destruction. But the lack of exact symmetry between Xerneas and Yveltal makes me wonder. Could there be another duo representing Fertility/Creation and Death/Afterlife? You'd think that Life and Death would be paired together, as would Creation and Destruction, but there might be a good plot-related reason for switching the pairs around.
    You have to admit that so far Fairy seems to encompass benevolence, which was the main appeal of a Light type in my eyes. So I don't mind this decision, but I still wish they'd introduce a space-related type.
    Yesterday, I discovered something really interesting regarding Gold and Silver. For starters, neither Dark nor Steel were properly revealed prior to the games' release. Skarmory was referenced as a Metal-type Pokémon in the 1997 demo (in an in-game journal entry), but it was never brought up in 1998 or 1999. As for the Dark type, Murkrow was revealed in late 1999, but like a lot of pre-release Pokémon, its types weren't indicated. You can see here that the 1999 Spaceworld coverage mentioned several new features, but not any of the types.

    Interestingly, this 1997 booklet did include a reference to a new type, but it also mentioned Pokémon with three types possibly appearing. Ampharos was described as a "Pokémon of the new type that came over from space." But its types were also indicated to be Electric and Dragon... Was Ampharos going to have a third Space-related type, too? It's hard to imagine it since the Ampharos we know isn't even Dragon-type, but those details apparently came directly from Satoshi Tajiri and Tsunekazu Ishihara's mouths.

    I'm bringing this up since it's still possible that something like that is happening now with a remaining type. Why haven't Xerneas and Yveltal's types been revealed? Why did Yveltal use Hyper Beam instead of its signature move? And of course, what is the reason for the lack of Mewtwo information? I even find it suspicious that they chose not to use Clefairy as one of the Fairy-type represenatives. Could Clefairy no longer be Normal-type, unlike Jigglypuff?

    I am not holding my breath since Game Freak basically said that they introduced the Fairy type to counter Dragon, and they don't need another type to do that. But the possibility is still there, and it's become more interesting in light of Ampharos' original description.
    Pretty disappointed that the Fairy-type turned out to be true.
    I am not too happy about it, either. But what bothers me most is that they haven't hinted at a second type, and I really do think that Astral should exist.

    They should have decided for the Light-type instead since they can include the "Fairy" concept there in addition to the literal (light rays) and symbolic (enlightenment [behavioral], holy/divine) concepts of Light. This is my view.
    To be fair, it could also work the other way around. I do think we're going to get a handful of benevolent Fairy-type Pokémon; Gardevoir already counts as one.
    What are your thoughts on a Fairy type? We have two conflicting sources that both claim that it's going to happen. I don't know which one (if any) should be trusted, but at this point I'm going to settle on Sylveon's type being Fairy even though it doesn't make complete sense.

    I guess that there is nothing wrong with it, since Fairy does encompass goodness and the concept of aether to some extent. But if Mawile is supposed to be a fairy, I question the type's theme. I'm mostly bothered by the rumor regarding Xerneas and Yveltal's types: It would be odd if Xerneas only had one type and Yveltal didn't have a new type. The XY website says:

    Your adventure in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y takes place in the Kalos region, home to beautiful skies and forests! The mysterious Kalos region is shaped intriguingly like a star.
    Fairy's connection to forests is obvious, but that is not the case as far as skies or stars are concerned. Also, it's no secret that Xerneas is linked to forests while Yveltal is linked to the skies. If forests are now represented by two types (Grass and Fairy), could that be the case for the sky, as well? Perhaps Xerneas' types are Fairy and Grass, while Yveltal's are Astral and Flying.
    I don't think that Game Freak would make a new type effective against Ice unless it made a lot of sense, which lends credence to the Astral theory. The move Sylveon used in the most recent trailer is also very telling.
    I think that Masuda will reveal the type next week, but I still think that CoroCoro has some information about the Mewtwo Forme. We may have to wait until tomorrow for the leak, though.
    Psychic will be the primary type either way. I was referring to a possible secondary type.

    I got the quintessence idea from Sylveon. It's based on a nymph, and if the setting of the short is anything to go by, its natural habitat is a heaven-like forest atop of a really high mountain like the Olympus.

    Light is too simple. When most people hear the word, they think of physical light. If they had to simplify Aether, then Celestial could work, or perhaps just Purity/Essence.
    We should also discuss something else: Eclair Forme's typing. I still think that our original idea about a benelovent/enlightened type is a possiblity, but I think that it should be associated with the fifth Greek element, called aether or quintessence. That would give Game Freak more concepts to work with other than just enlightenment. Quintessence is the pure, highly concentrated essence of a thing, but also the highest essence after water, fire, earth and air. The Greeks thought it to be the substance of the heavenly bodies that is latent in all things.
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