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  • I'm actually pretty excited; I was on the verge of selling my 3DS and it stopped me. =P Disappointed that we're still in a grid for movement, but I like the starters, specially the fire one.
    No need to worry about the lateness, I had sorta forgotten I asked. Anyway, thanks a lot, now I know how to access that. I was imputing the code in the wrong screen. Thanks, that helps a lot.
    I know i made a group for it but i have been though so many things i need a lot of help and someone to confide but the other person in me just made another apperence and yelled at my brother for taking the last of the milk do you know what is like to have 2 people inside one body it is hell for me i hate it and he makes me feel like a waste of space and a fat loser that will not do anything in life but steal like when i was a child
    Here's a video I found to see if this can apply to Pokemon on whether or not the dominant types (Dragon, Water, Fighting, Steel, and Ground) should be nerfed while the weak types (Grass, Fire, Ice, Electric, and Poison) need to be buffed: Extra Credits: Perfect Imbalance - YouTube
    I still don't understand if your answer about the villains' Vs. mugshots explains why they aren't used facing against the protagonists' Vs. mugshots.
    It's reasons why I hate facing one myself, because I can't kill it quick enough, which is why I have Sigilyph to use Tailwind Support rather than Thunder Wave support.
    It seems like the only legal counters for Garchomp are the [email protected], Starmie, Floatzel, Weavile, Mamoswine, Cryogonal (who still stinks regardless due to shallow movepool), and another Garchomp. This reason may be one of the reason why he's Uber.
    Awww, hello!^.^ I LOVE Jirachi :D We've gotta be friends <3
    I've never really looked into Card Fighter Vanguard, actually, but my main game is also Yu-Gi-Oh!. ^^

    I've had a couple of people ask about my avatar and signature... but usually people think it's from Code Geass. XD
    My profile picture and signature show III from Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, and my avatar is Tron from the same show. ^^
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