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Recent content by TouyaShiro

  1. TouyaShiro

    Rate the video game music above

    I feel like it's trying to be a bit Castlevania-ish for some reason, or at the very least a lot more militaristic than how we typically hear a Bowser theme. Perhaps that was intentional to set it apart from its official counterparts... 7/10. Now, if you're wondering what the heck's been...
  2. TouyaShiro

    Rate the video game music above

    Bringing a touch of Mario Kart 8 into the main series with this one! I love it. Mario music has officially entered a new era. 9/10 I'm actually kinda triggered by this because it feels like a complete misunderstanding of musical genres to me, lmao. I assume you thought of the "gangsta" part due...
  3. TouyaShiro

    Rate the video game music above

    I like its atmosphere. 8/10. Hi, forums! Been a while, huh? I'm gonna reintroduce myself with this. One of the many themes for the final bosses of the Darius series, I've come to enjoy this song as I listen to it and the other songs in this franchise, moreso than I initially did when listening...
  4. TouyaShiro

    Throw Something at the Poster Above

    *Throws a sword the size of a planet*
  5. TouyaShiro

    Which of the two above avatars would win in a fight?

    I only give the edge to Duskull as I dunno if this pony has any particular special powers like some of the others do.
  6. TouyaShiro

    The Song Title Game

    Burning Heat! (Full Option Mix) / Mr.T with Motoaki.F beatmania IIDX 7th Style
  7. TouyaShiro

    The Song Title Game

    Shotgun Kiss (Vegas Palace) / Shoji Hidenori F-ZERO GX/AX ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKS
  8. TouyaShiro

    Look around you; what is the first blue thing you see?

    A little guy who ain't got nobody to listen to.
  9. TouyaShiro

    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    The last three avatars were... Eevee and Umbreon, as that user tends to theme Crossdressing Link - though from what I can recall, Breath of the Wild is actually the second time an incarnation of Hylia's chosen hero has done it (the first being Tri Force Heroes, very noticeably in that game...
  10. TouyaShiro

    The Song Title Game

    First Cry of a Newborn Star / Hirokazu Ando Hoshi no Kirby Robobo Planet Original Soundtrack The entire "song" is just some creepy clock and warping sound effects alongside the voice sample of the game director's cat. It makes more sense when you realise exactly where it plays...
  11. TouyaShiro

    Give the Avatar/User Above a Gift!

    *Gives ^ a barrage of bullets worthy of danmaku*
  12. TouyaShiro

    Which of the two above avatars would win in a fight?

    I imagine it would be a standstill. On one hand, it's a LEGO figure... on the other hand, it's a ghost. I've not been given a sense of their own tangibility in relation to the real world so I can't see how it could fight with K1-B0...
  13. TouyaShiro

    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    RWBY's Future Gohan.
  14. TouyaShiro

    What's your excuse?

    Space isn't a good place for a hike. It's too vast. Beat this boss!
  15. TouyaShiro

    Guess that reference!

    I almost want to think that's the Kirby Battle Royale demo, lmao. "Should I tell you where you miscalculated?"