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  • Make sure you open up Skype to message me. Don't message me from this forum on Skype. And I've never seen you online now that I think about it. Weird stuff, but I promise you I'm on Skype every day.
    I'm always signed in. I just put my status to ''invisible'' instead of signing out. So you can literally message me any time and if I notice it, then I'll reply. But if I don't reply then I'm either out of the house or asleep.
    I'm done using this forum. Someone decided to have a grudge against me because I didn't lend them money. But if you'd still like to keep in touch then just talk to me on Skype. Sorry I haven't been around.
    Well, I have every Pokemon game since Red and Blue. I own an Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, N64, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, 3DS, DS Lite, PS1, and PS2. So I have a lot of games. =)

    I do have a Serebii account but I don't use it anymore as the people there are a-holes. And like I said, just get on Skype and message me there. Then it'll be much easier to teach because then I can ask if you're keeping up. I'm on Skype almost all day every day.
    I already added you on Skype. Just message me on there and I'll begin to teach you. And I'm fine, thanks for asking. I hope you are doing well too. =)
    I will absolutely teach you how to RNG for 4th Gen. I don't really come here much and it will take a lot of typing and checking to make sure you understood everything step by step. So feel free to add me on Skype. I'll teach you there and you can delete me from Skype if you're uncomfortable keeping a stranger under your contacts list, lol. It'll just be easier to teach there. I can IM much faster and such. Skype: dark_sigma
    I seen you wanted to learn how to RNG. I can't get it to work for 5th Gen, but I will gladly teach you how to RNG in 4th Gen, if you'd like.
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