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  • Hey Mr. Magic Möbius man. I was wondering what a good moveset for a Gardevoir might be. Any tips?
    Heck yeah. It's funny though if you're used to the crazy Video Game, Anime, and manga fandom...

    May I point to Hare Hare Yukkai, and CaramelDansen? Maybe even that Danjo vid too. XD

    Another version of my Vid with translation.

    Now you know the awesome translated lyrics and can change the rating. ^_^

    (Watch it until the end. The last line IS VERY FUNNY XD)
    Yay! I found it in a book somewhere. *tries to remember what kind of book contains a limerick about Möbius strips*
    Möbius like Möbius strips?

    A mathemtician once confided
    That a Möbius strip is one sided
    And you'll get quite a laugh
    When you cut it in half
    'Cause it stays in one piece when divided
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