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Apr 23, 2013
Mar 13, 2003
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Nov 26, 1986 (Age: 32)
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Charleston, WV

Trainer Lisa

LOVED IchibanCon, 32, from Charleston, WV

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Apr 23, 2013
    1. Paulisthebest
    2. Darth Darkrai
    3. TaiChiChasers
      Rai for sure.
    4. Azumarill39
      Check out this blog post and its comments at Christian Rants (2) - Please stop bashing voice actors. - Blogs - Bulbagarden Forums then comment on it. also check out my other blog at Christian Rants Things people say that are required to be a "true" pokemon fan - Blogs - Bulbagarden Forums comment on them and get as many people to coment on them as possible please. We need to a: prove to people that a pokemon fan is a pokemon fan, no matter what, and b: we need to all get the death threats to Sarah Natochenny to stop as Veronica would not want such things and like i said in the blog, neither would Maddie Blaustein. Check them out, comment on them, and try and get as many coments on them. I'm flying down to Winipeg in 10 days and i'll have a meeting of my group of pokemon fans and other anime fans. I will mention some of the coments there and mention the response from the meeting when i get home on th2 days form then. thanks.
    5. Azumarill39
      ok i want to join sova on bulbigardin or serebii. once i find it i'll join it. search results only show the forums though not the actual group.
    6. Azumarill39
      Oh, i'm also thinking of either eileen stevens or Bella Hudson for my request. PS, check out new signature.
    7. Azumarill39
      Well i've decided, if and when i do a voice on pokemon, i'm going to request that either Rachael lillis, Ted Lewis, Veronica Taylor or Lisa Ortiz voice a character that my character interacts with. i'm even considering Kerry Williams or Rebecca Honig. Any recommendations? i'll put them on the list too.
    8. bandage_scizors
    9. Haruka_Rules!
      Long time no see. How are you doing Lisa-dono?
    10. Lilac
      I knew that
    11. Lilac
      The ash picture you showed to Taylor was awesome
    12. SolgaleoGX
      I started venturing into the raw thanks to the VA switch in part I guess. But I don't hold it against it, since I've been able to enjoy many other aspects of the franchise since seeking the Japanese roots. ^^'

      And dude you're channel's pretty awesome. <3 Ms. Taylor's voice was a big part of my childhood, so her Ash portrayal holds a very special place in my heart. :)
    13. Feenie
      Hello! Thank you for the friend invite!!!
    14. SolgaleoGX
      You're welcomed! I actually kinda said that with the "he's the chosen one of a kajillion legends" thing in mind. I've fallen in love with the Black and White games, and see him barge into Unova like that and hogging all the spotlight really annoys me. I'm all for focus on Ash, he deserves it to an extent, he is a great character. But I think they should tone it down in certain areas and raise it in others.

      I do agree on the voice actor thing. A voice is part of what makes a character. That's why I rather watch the raw Japanese episodes, Ms. Matsumoto's voice is so full of energy and expirience. Sarah's, it's not bad, I kind of like it, but come just doesn't fit. The toned down Ash with a deep voice sounds of.

      And yes, I'll always prefer Ms. Taylor. To this day I imagine Ash speaking with her voice. Haha, my mental interactions between Ash and the likes of Paul or Iris are always amusing to ponder. XD
    15. ExtremeCroagunk
      Hi! thanks for accepting me! :D
    16. Misty Lover17
      Misty Lover17
      Hi Lisa! How's it been going? It was awesome seeing you again in person.^^
    17. Lilac
      Merry Christmas :)
    18. FullmetalSuicune
      Merry Christmas!
    19. SylveonSparklit
      It's been YEARS since I last talked to you!!! :O Yeah, it's me, PikaJ. :P I kind of lost interest in Ash over the years...not into guys much in genneral, for now, really.....But how've you been?!XD;
    20. TaiChiChasers
      Mine's Finn. He started off quiet, but he's starting to talk more. xD
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    Nov 26, 1986 (Age: 32)
    Home Page:
    Charleston, WV
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    I like to travel to anime conventions. :)

    Watching Pokemon (I prefer the 4Kids dub), playing Wii and DS games, and watching anime
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