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Recent content by Trainer-Touko

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    Review BW055: Zuruggu and the Selfish Gothimu!

    Really good ep to start off I'm SO glad Tepig FINALLY won a battle :D On the other hand I know how much people hate Iris's Emolga for being a diva but I love Emolga, Gothita on the other hand...I honestly could not stand it. What a spoiled self centered Pokemon, it seems Snivy has a thing for...
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    Review BW054: Mebukijika! The Four Seasons Lineup!!

    I ship AshxRobert now XDD Lol I really liked this ep Robert was surely a very interesting COTD , anyone else was reminded of that Baltoy ep from Hoenn during this ep?
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    Review S14 EP39: Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!

    It seems like it hasn't been that long ago since I've seen this ep ^^; I loved the way Iris kept commenting on how great her hair was XDDD
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    What is your most disliked character in the Pokemon Anime?

    Misty definitely her bitchy attitude...I NEVER liked her (WAYYY too overrated) but I got to say for number one...TRACEY...never has a character been so useless or boring I cannot stand him at all...no offense to the people who like him or Misty but I cannot stand them. Pokemon wise....Roggenrola...
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    Obsolete: Rate the Anime Opening above you.

    8/10 very good animation ^^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rsz0gXWvRTM
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    *Tag* You're It

    Oh my goodness first I'd try to keep myself from fangirling and go up to them and glomp hug them XDD
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    Review BW050: Raimon Gym! Magnificent Electric Shock Battle!!

    Although I felt that the gym battle seemed to lack a bit it was surely better than the previous one to me at least :P I absolutely loved Ash in this ep he was hilarious XDDD Never would have expected him to have trouble sending out a Pokemon during battle....or for him to forget that Snivy was a...
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    Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    ^ Same Shinryaku!? Ika Musume ep 1 ^_^
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    Preview BW047 + BW048 - Battle Subway

    Another BA fan I see XDDD From the looks of the scan even Emmet is seen frowning, guess the non expressive facial expression don't apply in the anime :<
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    Preview BW047 + BW048 - Battle Subway

    I seriously can't wait for this special, I was thinking Ingo and Emmet wouldn't appear until wayy later in the anime, luckily they debut exactly when Ash and friends get to Nimbassa ^_^
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    Throw off a cliff/Marry/Make out with, Pokémon Anime Edition!

    Marry:Luke Make out:Kenyan Throw off a cliff: Hawes (Too old...O.O)
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    Throw off a cliff/Marry/Make out with, Pokémon Anime Edition!

    Definitely marry Brock, Uhh make out with Kenny and Throw Conway off a cliff because he still and always will creep me out on many levels O.O
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    Preview BW043 - Nyagotiator Nyasu! Zuruzukin Persuasion Tactics!!

    Re: BW043 - Nyasu Episode Iris catches Meowth...... I don't know what to believe in anymore......O.O
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    Review BW040: The Fiercely Fought Don Battle! Tsutarja VS Komatana!!

    No Watchhog guy? I am Disappoint :( Other than that I loved the comedy in this episode, Zorua is a little troll and the best part, seeing Trip lose XDD
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    Black Adventures Comic

    I LOVE all of N's "Costumes", and who could forget Black XDD They really do look good in women's clothing *.*