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Trainer Yusuf
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  • As for BLOG POST IDEAS~! Hmm. I really like reading yours; no lie. I feel like I already put a lot on your plate just with the Paul's team analysis. XD Something Conway-related would be super cool, or your thoughts of the merits of Heattagshipping vs Penguinshipping (or particularly how Kenny was a borderline-misogynist asshole for thinking he could decide Dawn's path for her if he won a battle against Ash, yet the fandom poses HIM as the idyllic Boy-Next-Door while making Conway a borderline rapist pedophile just to make Kenny look better), the meta hilarity that comes with Trip (imo the only way I can enjoy him) in that he's design-wise a Paul-and-Barry lovechild and the dub went one further having Barry's VA do him, IMITATING the way Paul speaks, when shortly before DP ended we had Dawn doing that Paul imitation technique right in front of Barry... lolz. Or the meta hilarity of the fact that the only other known role Paul's VA has on record is Jake Morgendorffer from Daria, and the merits of the headcanon that if Paul became a dad, he'd totally have a kid like Daria... OR comparing the cameos of Misty, May, and Dawn after they left the series -- mostly because I never get tired of seeing Dawn's cameo get shat on for how useless and not-entertaining it was.

    Or solely to sate my desires, the fundamentals of Paul, Barry, and Conway as a traveling trio seeing as that won't be a thing in Trifecta for a long time. XD Even better, speculation on how a rivalry between Silver and Paul would come out.

    I mean, I could always turn anon stuff off, too. It might be something I'll think about over my vacation. Plurk lately has been very finicky, so it might be beneficial to get another social venue. Part of the reason I'm going on vacation is because of how withdrawn I've felt from everyone I know. But if I do go trough with it, I'll make sure to add you guys on first. :D Because Serebii honestly broke my head whenever I looked through it, and there's no way I'm trying my hand in a forum where the higher-ups actually think it's more important to prevent fictional character bashing over preventing personal attacks on the real-life users, especially when I've seen mild, well-written constructive criticism labeled as "character bashing" in the past over there. Unless some kind of revolution happened over there, Serebii's just gonna be my third venue for my fic. Beyond that, Serebii's another place where quite a few users use VMs there as refuge so they can freely bash me all they desire. :p I've seen them take digs at me during times where I'd gone like 9 months without posting anywhere, so idk if I'm THAT masochistic to try my hand there.

    But GEEZ you master of flattery! Am I really resembling the Tomioka-level of storytelling? Even though I think Tomioka's responsible for a few notably shitty episodes here and there (BW's early Trubbish episode comes to mind immediately), the fact that he's the mastermind behind Paul and he's known for a lot of the GREATEST classic moments that've happened in the anime's recent history just makes me internet-blush at the prospect~. But yeah, if you've got your hands full, no pressure. I just wish I could find a better way to advertise Trifecta's TV Tropes page so that poor Rainbow isn't the only one maintaining it; I have a feeling a lot of people would likely be up for that. Even I would, but like I said, I'm keeping my hands off or else Trifecta will DEFINITELY be the definition of a Dead Fic. :p
    But lolz, for being so consistently labeled as the personification of toxic negative pollution in this fandom, being called a ray of sunshine really does make me feel better~ 'tis funny too, considering how most people view me. XD Thank you; I'm glad I'm bringing you some form of joy in my babblings! You probably heard or saw for yourself that my reputation is largely what keeps me from making myself a tumblr account, haha. Closest equivalent I have to that is my Plurk account. idk, I've entertained the idea of having a tumblr account, but I'm sure you've seen on tumblr alone that at least a few people you know of there like to sling mud at me very brutally, even though I'm pretty sure I don't know who the hell these people are (let alone if I ever spoke to them). You mentioned one in the same sentence as me in a recent tumblr post... should I know who that dude is? They've gone to the point of stalking me once to find some flimsy excuse to diss me, but considering how rarely I post these days, I highly doubt I instigated anything to warrant that kind of treatment.
    Imma givin' the trio a set of Gen V eggs simultaneously in that arc, solely because I WANT PAUL TO HAVE A FERROTHORN and in lieu of condemning Best Wishes to the Darkness Beyond Time, I still want to see them with at least one Gen V 'mon. Tentatively I had Chandelure for Conway and Mienshao in mind for Barry, but that could change. Volcarona and Hydreigon were also choices I wanted to play around with, but that's waaaay beyond where I'm at now. All wishful thinking, sigh. In a way I'm kinda glad I've stalled this long since my last update since I only recently discovered the leaked Volcanion footage involving BRANDON which I totally can't pass up on. Still want him to get access to Mega Evolution too, but that + Volcanion + the BF teaser in the ORAS games could translate to a BF chapter being set up in Hoenn since it never had one in the anime, and Brandon founding that would also be super cool. I've had so many uncertainties as to what make Brandon do between failing to get Regigigas and the climax of Trifecta, but now I have like, SOOO many ideas. And I have an ingenious one involving Palmer is setting Brandon up on looking into Mega Evolution. The chapter I'm working on right now officially debuts Palmer, so... I need to finish the damn thing. I'm going on vacation to hang out with a friend next week for like, 11 days, and it'll be pretty low-key and I'm hoping that removing myself from the RL drama that impedes my ability to write will aid me in getting some real progress on chapter 20, since I'm sadly gonna fail to get it out before the two-week mark since the last update. ._.
    ngl, the stricter mandates made here did play a role in me shying away from posting like I used to. At least it helps that I've genuinely enjoyed XY for the most part (Goodra's release is like the first thing that's legit peeved me and that's 70 EPISODES IN), and for better or worse I love the XY group in its entirety, which is at least a huge step up from liking one third of the BW trio, while avidly loathing every second the other two thirds opened their damn mouths. So I don't have much to bitch about! Though I also axed my cable at the start of this year and I've been behind on the XY episodes, and I'm not nearly as keen keeping up with what's going on in Japan like I often did via this forum, so I'm just a biiiit out of the loop but figure this'll be a good thing to marathon when I have the time. More and more I really just want to entirely erase BW from Trifecta's canon when I reach the post-DP point and make it so that, idk, Ash meets Alexa when he comes home from Sinnoh and goes straight to Kalos after Sinnoh. :p Feels like things make a lot more sense in that context. That way when I hit Trifecta's BF arc, maybe I can do some COOL things with the potential that was totally squandered in BW. I do need a rival of sorts for Barry since he'll be doing Gyms - only seems appropriate when I have Silver slated as Paul's rival for the BF and Dawn will be Conway's rival for the Kanto Contests (because yeah, she ORIGINALLY wanted to go to Kanto first; I'm totally retconning her shitty special that sent her to Hoenn as well). In the epilogue I'm totally having him marry Bianca anyway, but idk who I could salvage for rival material for Barry. It's still frustrating that I don't get to truly enjoy the Paul+Conway+Barry trio mechanics until about 17 chapters from where I'm currently at. :p
    idk how often you come by here these days, even I come by around much less than before, buuuut I just wanted to give my deepest, most sincere thanks at your (fairly) recent mentioning of me in your tumblr account! The part about me laying the groundwork for the fundamentals of Reggie's character in his own right was very ~heart warming~ so thank yoooou *_*

    (I'm sure someone else out there has done a better job deconstructing Reggie, though...)

    In all good conscience I probably can't claim sole credit for all the work I invested in Reggie as an individual; one of my good buddies who RPed Trifecta!Reggie for a long time offered a shitload of input for his reactions and many of his other traits. Unlike me, she has real-life experience in being the eldest sibling. idk how bizarre or appropriate it is that I've made a complex, intricate web of headcanons for Reggie as a character and as a brother to Paul that most people seem to buy as plausible, and all this time I've been an only child. :p Maybe it's because literally everyone else I know has siblings, and I have lots of cousins that I spent a great deal of my childhood growing up with and... well, cousins basically are like siblings, only without the responsibility package. If I get tired of them I can just go home. XD

    Really, I need to get my ass kicked into gear because the brotherly dynamic, the general family dynamics, and Reggie himself undergo a major shift within the next few chapters. Definitely wanna see the reactions to that, assuming everyone didn't already spoil themselves silly with my Trifecta Timeline on LJ. buuuut anyway, just wanted to thank you for the namedrop and recommendation! I'd invite you to mess around with Trifecta's TV Tropes page but I don't wanna come off as drafting people into that. XD Only reason I'm not doing it is because we all know I'd DEFINITELY never get the fic done; we know how TV Tropes is...
    I am currently progressing with my Normal-type reviews, and one component that I added is quotes from other people about Normal-type families. Do you have any particular Normal-type families you would want to do?

    Available: Arceus, Azurill, Bidoof & Bibarel, Bouffalant, Happiny, Chansey & Blissey, Ditto, Fletchling, Glameow & Purugly, Lickitung & Lickilicky, Miltank, Smeargle, Stantler, Swablu, Teddiursa & Ursaring

    Sorry if this request seems abrupt.

    Rest assured if I ever write about anything involving numbers and math shit, I will most assuredly goof! Then again, the numbers seem almost irrelevant because every time I ever used a Weavile in-game, it would die in one hit to pretty much anything. :p And Paul's Weavile wasn't shown to be much better! Just that it's fast. Faster than Staraptor. But poke it enough and it will fall like a sack of bricks. XD Aaaaand I've been sorta numbed out to all the X/Y stuff going on. Like I'm still looking forward to the games at least but not even the Mega Evolutions have elicited more than a "oh, so that's a thing now". Expectations for the anime, I'm setting the bar as low as it will go. That's all I have to say for that!

    RE:EDIT: uhhhhhhhhhhh..... CREATIVE LIBERTIES OF ANIME?! I went along with Fighting-type moves kicking the shit outta Honchkrow even though it should've been neutral since it's dual Flying-type because THE SHOW JUST INSISTED... so uh... of course! This is me imitating the creative liberties of type logic in the anime! Hah! At least it's... not as bad as their creative liberties in Best Wishes? :D

    btw, I read your analysis on Barry and his team and it was really cool! Your ridiculous talent of paying attention to all the tiniest details... I felt a kindred soul there! :') I look forward to what you'll do with Paul. And thankyouverymuch for giving me a kudos! dunno what the hell I contributed but yay!

    ... I really wanna start Trifecta 20 but I'm gonna be perpetually depressed until I get my cat back. Glad I finished Trifecta 19 when I did, my life's been a shitstorm of horrible things lately.
    I'm doing so right now.

    I always headcanoned Georgia being from Germany as a nod to Asuka Soryu Langley from Evangelion, thought I'm interested in your British explanation. I figured she would go on about how a Fraxure did something awful to her in her childhood with Cubchoo saving her or something and said Pokemon is her Beartic now with a small explanation of her Azumarill being a majestic amazing Fairy-type warrior. As for Burgundy she would go on and on about how fairies are evil beast given their role in legends as being demons and evil-natured creatures.

    I'm sure they'll use Axew as fodder for a fairy, the recent Gible merchandise suggest Gible returning as maybe being kicked around by a Fairy too.
    Anime projects?

    Georgia will show up with an Azumarill as a nod to Harley's pissy natured Wigglytuff, not to mention Marilli and Langley makes perfect sense. Axew shall fear the mighty Fairy Punch.
    Yes, I think Fairy-type is likely real. :p I can tell one of those is Burgundy but the other one looks like the lovechild of Ursula and Harley. The Dustox and Venomoth wings are a nice touch, you should lineart and color it and upload it to tumblr/deviantart. The beta testers have been trolling/leaking information on XY, whether or not a lot of this is fake and/or viable we have no clue.

    Eh.....Scott got banned if that counts, the usual Misty stuff. I also leaked Spoilers for that Croconaw filler that recently aired, no one believed me at first but once the episode aired my name was cleared. Not sure if the Caterpie/Butterfree spoilers should be leaked considering this is kinda a highly anticipated episode. Other than that everyone is just hyped for XY game and anime-wise. I'm also nearing 100 followers on Tumblr if that counts for anything. On the Serebii side of things, nothing's really happening either. Just been kinda quiet overall, there's been a bit of an outbreak in Team Rocket discussion. Mainly because people think the Da! episodes are extreme tedious with them tossed in.

    sunyshore also supposedly found out the next series in FALL was gonna be called Pokemon Triple X but it turned out fake, though it wasn't believable because they supposedly replaced Ash. A troll on /vp recently released fake info on the XY anime claiming Ash's next companions would be a girl with a Jigglypuff who is a striving idol and a guy with a Gogoat who is a tour guide or something. Given it's /VP troll 101 it's likely fake.

    I finally watched Evangelion fully, the whole original series. You are(not) alone.

    That's it :p
    Where is the video that says that Takara Tomy will release XY toys in November? I want to see it.
    Hahaha, you and I had the same ideas about the random yet fitting theory of Burgundy reappearing next series since the setting is gonna be PokeFrance and that just suits her far too well. If the 50/50 odds do lean in favor of Cilan continuing on to the next series, then OBVIOUSLY she should be in that series anyway. :p Ohhhh, wishful thinking.

    But sadly you are correct, Best Wishes has relentlessly jaded me to the point where all I look forward to is the entire nightmare ending for good. I DON'T want Georgia and Burgundy to return as much as I'd like to see them do so, mainly because those two have been treated like shit ever since they appeared and I think we all know how these rivalries will be "resolved" if they did appear again. :p And especially in Iris' case I don't need to see yet another example of how awesome she supposedly is and how she's allegedly growing as a trainer/character even though I don't buy that in the slightest, having this all happen at Georgia's expense... again. Bleh.

    I've been diligently watching the DP reruns on Boomerang every week (though I skip the crap... for example, Kenny episodes were last week, so eff that)... that both inspires me to keep going with my fic (I wrote one whole page of it the other day ago! :D) and makes it all the more painful to watch Best Wishes because I can never stop asking myself what happened? ._. Now I'm feeling that not only would Cilan had been better off in DP, but Burgundy and Georgia would too. All they'd have to do is axe Kenny and Nando. :p At least then I would truly have no reason to keep watching BW and stop willfully torturing myself. Everything BW is morbid to me now.

    I even wish the Decolora Islands were actually decolored. Have Ash dick around in droll, monochrome islands to pad out the series until it finally ends. THAT'S HOW I'D END IT :D

    Yeah, Booster most likely is a female. Of course this is based mainly off the feminine voice and eyelashes. On another note have you taken notice to the show's reliance on Eevees in tandem with Contest. Urara's Showers and Boosters, Haruka's Glacia, Ayako's Blacky, and of course Nozomi's Leafia. The only odd-card out is Thunders who was owned by Denzi instead. Eifi, imo, would have fit Urara's overall style and appearance better imo, then again Booster probably fits the violent battle style much better and Eifi is a bit of a too-good-natured looking and type of Pokemon in outer appearance.


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