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  • Sorry for the late reply.
    I have Skype, though I prefer Google Hangouts. They have everything Skype does and more but 1-upped them by making it all free. :D
    Either should be okay though, but if you'd like to Skype, I won't be able to get on it until at least Tuesday or Wednesday.
    Sure, why not? You can send me a PM about it :)
    (Though annoyingly I'm going to have rather limited internet access for a few weeks starting tomorrow, best timing ever right? D: But I should still be able to get on every so often during that time, and after that it'll be fine again.)
    Sorry for not responding yet, but I was away from my computer for the weekend and the past few days. I'll get working on the response now!

    Could you link me to the site again?
    I'm on skype mostly now. You can find me there pretty often. And next time I'm on I have a new chat for you that you need to join so I'll set you up there.
    No probs, I know ya up to ya ears in work :p Dang, thats a lot of work then, what you do? I know if I had a job (I seriously do need to start looking XD) I'd spend my off days sleeping, and eating too but mostly sleeping. You get off more in the summer? That way you could use ya summer vacation for a little forum browsing. Been ok, I got this fanfic I'm trying to write but I'm kinda taking a break from it since I need to figure out how the next part will go. Other then that, studying, lots and lots of studying. I got like 16 tests to go before I'm done with high school! :D
    Haha, good to hear from you. You'll make it through. Is this still training or are you done with that? Yeah, spending time with them after all that seems nice. I've been good, hanging in there you know.
    Glad to hear your doing ok :) Been busy studying or work? I'm pretty good, I'm in a mad rush to get all my school work done by June so I've been studying like crazy XD
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