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  • I don't think you can at the moment. I think they said that sharing replays will be added in a future update of the game. Don't know when that update will get released though.
    Love it. I never played the originals but I really enjoy these. Especially the Delta Episode which is a little ministory after you beat the E4 that they added.

    I'm disappointed they didn't include the Battle Frontier from Emerald. But thats not a big deal. But what does make it worse is they added a little tease of the Battle Frontier. There is a sign in the Battle Resort area that says "Construction for the Battle Frontier Project as begun"

    They made breeding alot more convenient though. There is a continuous path where you only have to hold up, a Daycare (there are 2 Daycares in this game), and the IV checker are all in the Battle Resort. Don't have to fly anywhere after hatching eggs.
    Yes its the username or whatever that you created when you first setup the system. The Nintendo Network ID. To add someone you would have to type in their username. And then that person would recieve a friend request and they would have to accept. My WiiU username is Mike2011 So I guess just add me and then I'll accept the request.
    So I've got Smash WiiU. Unfortunately I was unable to get the Gamecube controller adapter so as of now I can't use Gamecube controllers. Atleast the WiiU Pro controller is more comfortable than the GamePad. Though I gotta say I don't really like playing on this controller. Hopefully I can get one of these Gamecube adapters soon. Gamecube controller is way better of a controller for this. And I can't seem to get used to this controller I'm stuck using. I need my GC controller

    Every store seems to be sold out of adapters. Though the one store I went to didn't really seem to know what they were talking about. So that store may actually have them. I may have to try that store again. I also can't seem to order it online either. I tried every store website and you can't seem to order it online. I also tried Nintendo's online store they don't even seem to have the adapter listed at all. And every store I asked said they have no idea when they will be getting more of these adapters in stock.
    Oh crap. I shouldn't have told you I don't like facing Robin. Now you'll be using him against me alot. Lol I look forward to kicking your ass. Or you kicking my ass. Whichever happens. So have you decided when you'll get the game? Will you get it on release date or still wait a bit?
    Yeah. Smash comes out this Friday. I can't wait. It is a much better game than the 3DS one. Since its got so many stuff the 3DS one didn't. Plus Gamecube controller support. I don't actually like Robin too much. I haven't been able to get good with him. And I also kinda hate playing against Robin users as well. Duck Hunt seems like a fun character to use. I might start trying him out at some point. Once WiiU version comes out Friday.
    Yeah Spring 2015. Just found out that it seems that the Special Edition is only for Europe though. Which sucks. I want it. Especially the Pin Badge which looks amazing
    Seems like the special edition Majora's Mask comes with a Majora Mask Pin Badge, a double sided poster, a SteelBook, and the game.
    Yeah that is true you did kinda help me get better.

    As for Majora's Mask 3D I haven't watched the Nintendo Direct yet Gonna watch it now. So I'll let you know after I watch it. I knew they'd eventually do a Majora Mask remake since they did OoT 3D remake. Also they've been hinting at it for awhile. With the mask appearing in Link Between Worlds. Also at the Smash Bros Invitational Tourney at E3 they had a celebrity round. And 1 of the celebs (I think it was Zelda Williams) brought a real life size replica of the Majora Mask. And at the time I remember thinking that it was supposed to be a hint that they will be doing a remake. Maybe it was a hint maybe it was just coincidence.
    Hey I don't I was that bad at Smash. I was able to beat you before. Though you did win most of the matches. But most of our matches were fairly close. Especially our Ike vs Ike matches. Also I kinda feel like I'm better at this game than I was at Brawl. But I'll have to wait and see how I do against you if you do decide to get a WiiU and Smash. I just hope I don't get completely destroyed the first couple matches like I did in Brawl. I remember when we first played you 3Stocked me everytime. And it took awhile before I could stand a chance against you.
    I ended up at GameStop around 11:00AM so an hour after you were there.

    Yeah. I know what you mean. My hands started hurting at first as well. But after awhile I got used to the controls And they stopped hurting. However I agree its not the best controller. And once the WiiU one comes out I'll be sticking to that one. And I'll probably never touch the 3DS Smash again.

    Did you hear all the new info about the Smash WiiU? They had a stream revealing 50 facts about the WiiU version. I thought it would be 50 small details that aren't really important or exciting. But some of the stuff was big news. Such as a Smash mode for up to 8-players, More rules options that were missing in the 3DS such as Special Smash, item low-medium-high frequency and Coin Battle. But who actually plays Coin Battles anyway? More stages announced such as Bigger Battlefield (mainly for 8-player mode has about 8 platforms in a bit of a triangular shape instead of the 3 normal Battlefield has). Returning stages include Brawl's Animal Crossing level (Was it called Smashville?), Melee's Temple, I believe Brawl's Delfino Plaza, Halberd and Luigi's Mansion are back, an interesting new DonkeyKong stage where you can battle in the background and foreground. Also unlike the 3DS version you can swim in the WiiU version. And Voice chat online with Friend's Only. But only in the Stage/Character selection screens and results screens. And possibly the biggest announcement was that in Spring 2015 they will be adding MewTwo as a downloadable character. It sounds like he will be free if you have both 3DS and WiiU versions of the game registered to a Club Nintendo account. And if not you'll have to pay to get him. (No price announced yet but probably will only be $5-$7 maximum if not less).
    So I just recieved the Diancie using a code from Gamestop. When you pick it up at the Pokemon Center there is a little event that happens. People come in who were looking for Diancie and ask if they could have yours. Don't worry you can say yes because when you do someone else comes in and stops them. Once ORAS comes out you can send Diancie to those games which will allow you to get the MegaStone to MegaEvolve it in those games.
    No I don't think you can pass it down. I think Sludge Wave was a move tutor move or something from previous games. And only way to get it would've been by transferring it up from those games. This event is the only way to get a Kalos bred Sludegwave Gengar (meaning it was caught or hatched in XY. Which is what that little blue pentagon means). But you know you could've reset the game without saving until you got a better nature XD I think mine was a terrible nature too. I was just too lazy to reset until I got the correct nature
    No it doesn't matter. Although I think they only get a limited number of the code cards in to giveaway so once they run out they run out. I think each store gets about 500 code cards. And if they try to tell you that you need to preorder ORAS that is a lie. The website even says "No purchase necessary." I didn't have any issues getting the shiny Gengar code so hopefully there won't be issues for this one either.

    Once you get the code go home, make sure your 3DS is connected to internet, scratch off the code and then follow the instructions on the card and enter the code. Once it downloads the gift pick it up from the delivery girl in any Pokemon Center in game.

    Oh And very important: make sure you don't get disconnected, or your battery runs out or anything during the download after entering the code. Because once you enter the code it can't be used again even if you're battery dies before it finishes downloading the Diancie. But once it finishes downloading you can pick it up at the Pokemon Center anytime you want. You don't have to pick it up immediately if you don't want to.
    True. I haven't had a competitive Pokemon battle in awhile either. But I can't wait for the Hoenn remakes though. It's the only region I haven't played yet. And the remakes just look so good. It's kinda a shame they won't let you trainer customization in them. But oh well I never did that in XY anyway. I'll be getting both versions. Not sure if I'll get both on day 1. Depends how much money I have because Smash for WiiU comes out the same day. And I want to get Smash. So I might just get Smash and 1 of the Pokemon games. And get the other version at a later date.

    Oh and don't forget starting this Monday (the 27th) you can go to Gamestop and get a code for the event only Legendary Diancie. Should get it since thos is the only way to get it. Won't want to miss it.
    Oh yeah. Before the Physical Special split. It was based on Type instead of actual moves. No matter what the move was if it was a specific type it was always Physical or Special. Atleast they'll never go back to the old ways. That was annoying
    Yeah. Same here. But the Diancie event you should go get. Since it's one of those Event only Legendarys. And if you send it to Hoenn remakes later you can get the Diancie MegaStone

    So I need to tell you about some of the terrible players I've gotten matched with in Smash For Glory mode (remember matchups are random 2Stock, 5 minutes, no items, Final Destination only when doing this mode). So 1 guy just spammed Falcon Punch the entire match (either cuz he thought he could win or just wanted to be annoying), Someone else tried using the Ganondorf suicide kill move the entire time (the sideB over the ledge). And a third person tried using the Bowser suicide grab the entire match. There are others but these 3 people were probably the worst. Obviously these 3 were easy wins. Also some people try to just avoid fighting and let the clock run out to force SuddenDeath.
    The Shiny MegaGengar event has begun and lasts until October 26th. The better event and more important Diancie event starts once the Gengar one ends. You basically have to go into Gamestop and ask for a code for it. Then go home make sure you're connected to the internet and enter the code into the Mystery Gift section. Some Gamestops may try to tell you that it is for people who preorder OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire only. This is not true and they are technically not supposed to tell you that. And they cannot force you to preorder just to get these 2 events.

    There is also a wifi event going on right now for a special Pumpkaboo. With a special move Trick or Treat. I have no idea what that move does but I think it is useless anyway but might want to get it just because. This one lasts until the end of October. And you just download it through Mystery Gift wifi option.

    I got the Gengar today. Though I don't really care about the Gengar as much as the Diancie one.
    So I got Smash 3DS. Been playing it a ton. MetaKnight is more balanced and less broken. His hurricane move lasts a shorter amount of time. Link seems to be a bit better because of his dash attack which they seem to have changed slightly. Zero Suit Samus has been improved quite alot. She seems alot stronger now. Mostly all the characters I used in Brawl are basically the same. They changed how ledge grabbing works. If you grab the ledge and are hanging from it and someone else trys to grab the same ledge you get knocked off even if they didn't attack you. So you can't just hog the ledge like you could in Brawl. Tripping is gone and also swimming is gone. You can no longer swim in water areas like in Brawl. You just sink.

    I could go on and on about the game and the differences from Brawl and all that but I'm gonna stop here before this gets ridiculously long

    Also so far I've only lost 1 time online in For Glory 1V1 mode. Which is the only online mode I've played so far. 10 wins 1 loss. The loss came against so,eone using Greninja. I've been only using Ike for it. People on For Glory mode seem to be very predictable especially when they suse a character that has one of those Down B Counter moves (such as Ike's). But they always seem to attack in a specific pattern and once youlearn the pattern you can really punish them. Wish I could get matched up with people who are more of a challenge to beat.
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