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  • I'm not as active in posting but I lurk almost on a daily basis :)
    I'm amazed you still have him! And that you'd think to remember me! :D
    I'm so happy he's doing well :3c

    Since your fanart of Minccino and Cinccino wasn't related to the Pokemon anime, I've moved it. You can find it here. Sorry if this inconveniences you.

    Have a great day!

    (And you probably won't see this. But I thought I'd let you know.)
    Due to there being two fanclubs for Dento/Cilan, the Cilan/Dento Fan Club and ~The Dent(o)/Cilan Fan Club~, they will be merged together in the latter.


    The Bulbagarden Staff
    Due to there being multiples of fanclubs for Mijumaru/Oshawott, they will all be merged into The Knights of Mijumaru club. For more information, see this announcement.


    The Bulbagarden Staff
    First off, I'm extremely sorry for the late reply. If it's about the general event, you may want to try Land of the Rising Sun (since cosplay is originated from Japan, if I'm not mistaken). If you want to discuss Pokémon-specific Cosplay, World would be OK.
    Well, I suppose making a thread to advertise your account... but I'm not really too aware of the rules on groups, so don't take that at face value. In fact, don't believe me. At all. ^^;;
    Yes, but I'm more likely to update my FAC than my dA, because it's rare I can access my dA. But, if you want to find me, I'm 'Jedeisa'
    Yeah, Entertainment, Inc. would be best, since the entire con looks to be centered around things that would normally be in that forum.
    I'm not sure, I don't think so. I wasn't really paying that much attention. ^^;; Though, I assume you should be able to make a topic asking them for their username, unless this is considered advertising. You might need to check with one of the group moderating people.
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