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  • This is a bit late... regardless, congrats on getting into Wind Essemble. I hope you went well with OGT, and goddamn. I agree; Hetalia is freaking addicting.

    How have you been lately? I assume your finals are around this time of year? I hope you went well/do well in them!

    [And I don't mean the sexual sort. ]
    Jesse: ... It's probably best not delved upon.

    Kota: ... Okay, now that's just scary. It almost makes me feel bad for the guy...

    ... ... Nope. That's just hunger pangs.
    Jesse: I know! Pretty awesome! By the way, better be prepared for some birthday shenanigans! I'm going to torture your brother, and you're going to hear about it!

    I already got him good a couple of days ago.... Heheheheheheheh... Woe to him that you guys' birthday just happens to fall two days after my favorite holiday...
    Kota: Yay, I'm not hated. Is it alright if someone invites that Jesse guy over so he can torture your brother? That shit's gold.

    ghost!Jesse: Way ahead of ya, bud.
    Kiyoi: You see horrible puns all the time in anime, but I hate ALL puns! I think they all suck! D:<


    I forgive you. ^^
    Kota: You do. *pats on the back* At least you're not female. Old ladies are ugly as hell.

    Ice dragons are still cooler, natch.

    [Others haven't arrived yet. Oh, and by the way, I JUST noticed that you crossed out Akura's name. Lovely! You get one Jesse Approval Point.]
    Kiyoi: Imma desert dragon, raaaar!

    Damn, I look friggin' old even in this form! D:

    [Other characters may want to comment on the new look. Kiyoi definitely did not look sixty a year ago.]
    Kota: Hey, is that you, Kiyoi? Hey, looks like that random teenage chick orchestrating each and every one of your actions decided to scrap the whole Pokemon thing!

    [Ah, Kota and Kiyoi and their Fourth Wall powers.]
    ~ Happy Birthday, Kiyoi and Akura ~

    We'll be meeting in the empty, grassy area behind Kiyoi's workshop for this. A dragon lands there, and.... wait. That's not a Pokemon.

    [Kota and Kiyoi are kinda buddies, so we need him.]
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