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  • Holy freaking crap dude! That Scraggy is just beautiful ;___;

    The games are out sometime around October 7th iirc.

    Yeah, I guess Poison has a lot of dual-typed mons that are good. I thought of Electric because usually their level-up movepools are quite poor. Though I'd have to have a look. Maybe I should do a runthrough using "weak" or "gimmicky" mons like Delibird, Spinda, Luvdsic? That'd be funny.
    Mugging for a DS isn't extreme in England XD

    Well they just messed up breeding in B2W2 with the first egg that's generated always having the same PID/IV inheritence so it looks like they did it on purpose. I think the DW mons in the Hidden Hollows are just like regular captures - you could ask TwilightBlade, since I'm sure she's caught a DW Breloom. I was thinking of Poison, since Poison is generally an awkward type and isn't overpowered. Electric,, maybe? I would do Steel but while it's not great offensively it has something like 10 resistances which is too easy.

    I think Quiver Dance would be good for it. It has ok defenses, so it could set up a few. I can't think of much else for it either. Tinted Lens Quiver Dance would be amazing ;D

    Well HP Ice was mainly for Altaria since that resists Fire/Fight/Grass but if you don't get it I doubt it would make much of a difference. Oh and I have no idea how good those sets are, I just made them up xD But they seem like the best choice to me since it doesn't have the bulk to doing Curse or Will-o-Wisp or anything like that. Sucker Punch/Body Slam/Pursuit/Night Slash seems good for egg moves, too.
    I guess. Though a lot of older people are mugged (especially by younger people which is just crazy) these days. Ah, well you might aswell stop off and pick up a pony then! :D

    I suppose there could be some non-emu ones. 5th Gen has been done to death because it's so easy, but it seems like GameFreak has cottoned on to it and screwed it [breeding] up for RNGers in B2W2, so it's likely to become a standard thing I reckon. IV breeding and RNG has both been boring me lately. I just like playing through the games really. I'm considering either doing a mono-type runthrough of HG/SS or B2W2 (or maybe BW) or doing a nuzlocke of R/S/E, but I can't decide. Not sure on which type of mono-type to do either; I did grass before, so I want to avoid that again.

    Butterfly Dance on Swoobat would probably break it in the lower tiers xD I want Lumineon to learn Butterfly Dance (and maybe Yanmega, but that's asking for too much :3)

    Yeah DW Exploud is Scrappy which is really good for it. It has such a good special movepool. I'm going to do Circle Thow/Hammer Arm/Extrasensory/Fake Tears for egg moves, when I can be arsed to do the Sketching XD

    I reckon you could do any of Modest or Rash/Mild for Heatmor (maybe even Adamant, but Fire Punch is its best physical STAB move :/). With its B2W2 moves you could have:

    It's a shame its stat distribution sucks. Flash Fire is also a good ability to have (though White Smoke isn't that bad, but FF is better by miles) It also has loads of good egg moves for breeding - and you know what I'm like with egg moves. xD I still haven't really decided which ones I want to do.
    Well yeah, it isn't that bad over here, I was mostly exaggerating, but I'm sure people have had them stolen before. We do have the events at a different store, but I'm not really that fussed for them and I haven't ever gone for any before so why start now? :p

    Yeah I guess the emulator people will have done it since they seem to have done absolutely everything. Takes away the fun for other people too :(

    Well don't forget Scarfed mons too! I think the parameters are something like that. Not entirely sure. It's definite 60 or 6 or 10 or something - I think it's the same for most people. Yeah but the MAC address is pretty easy to find iirc, it's just in the wireless settings of the DS? (I think)

    The list is just increasing in size because I'm being lazy and not doing any of them. Yeah Sap Sipper for Giraffy; now that Amoonguss is one of the best NU pokes/most used in NU, Giraffy is probably slightly (only slightly) more useful I reckon since it can switch into Spore and whatnot (though still not very good I guess). Though I'm mainly doing it because it's one of my favourite mons. Yeah Heatmor sucks statwise but it's also another of my favourite pokemon so wynaut xD

    Here's my water monkey if you need it then: Pokécheck, the GTS stats checker It's Timid male w/ egg moves and HP Grass 70, so it should be useful if you do decide to do it. (I'll leave it up as public now, since I hate the water monkey anyway xD)
    Oh, I meant if I'm in the town centre with DS I'll probably get it robbed off me xD We don't have Gamestop here in Britain, afaik (I've never seen one anyway).

    How do you do it again? You just need two DS and two cartridges or something? Oh I want one in a cool ball so much now. I think shiny in a Heal would be best. I might go searching Smogon to see if I can find one (I actually don't recall see one at all back when I used to trade on Smogon).

    With those defences I don't see it doing in great in OU anyway xD It's soo cute though. I should get on with finishing Heracross so I can move onto it. If I had my parameters saved I would just redownload RNG Reporter and do that, but I deleted them like an idiot -_-" I remember that VCount is 60 and the other two are 6 and 6 I think. And my Timer0 was C7C. Maybe I can do it :D

    I have DW Shroomish, DW Woobat, DW Foongus, DW Minccino, DW Whismur, DW Heracross and some other junk to do. I think DW Girafarig was in there. I also want to do Heatmor and Eelektross if I can be bothered, since those two got really cool movepool upgrades in B2W2. I wish Heatmor's stats didn't have such a horrid distribution though.

    If you can't find good parents for those, I have RNG'd all those with egg moves before, and I can just make mine public on Pokecheck for you if need me to. Let me know. :p (Oh except Wooper, that is female - but you could still use it for the female DW parent, I guess. Wait, by assemble I guess you mean you already have the parents for them? xD
    Well they're doing a download of it at stores here, but I'd probably get my DS robbed if I tried using it in a public place xD
    Well gothdude is pretty good in NU, RU (and even UU) apparently. Though I can imagine it's not so great in OU. It has pretty good bulk, though. (70/95/110 iirc).

    Oh yeah, I forget that you can catch Spiritomb! o_o It would be nice to have a shiny one in a cool ball but I don't think the effort involved is even worth it.

    Stored Power isn't a TM :p I think just going max speed + sp.atk would be best. Its bulk is really bad and putting EVs into it is probably a waste for the most part.

    The Heracross is male, so it annoyed me on on pretty much every part. It was male so if it had egg moves it would have been good to breed with, but it doesn't. And if it was female I could have used it as the female Moxie parent but it isn't :/ DISASTER!
    I think it's just wirelessly. That's what the description sounded like anyway. Yeah I'm annoyed that Shadow Tag Goth is male only because I was hoping to breed one :/ I guess GameFreak know that Shadow Tag is a really good ability and want to limit it. I guess that means Shadow Tag Chandy will be male only aswell, when (if) it's finally released.

    Oh Spiritomb. Yeah I'm not really a fan. Though his shiny form is cool and it was the first shiny egg I ever RNG'd back in 4th Gen Plat, so I guess that's a good memory of it XD

    I think I saw people saying that Psychic > Stored Power since SP requires set up to deal damage and sometimes it needs to just be able to hit something for decent damage. Though if you can get some Calm Minds up then Stored Power will be a bomb.

    I was trying to breed a decent female Moxie Hera earlier so I could use it w/ the male that has the egg moves and guess what popped out? A 31/31/31/x/31/31 Moxie Hera... BUT it's Quirky and it has none of the egg moves I wanted. X_______X First a physical flawless Docile Axew and now a physical flawless Quirky Hera. No fair :(
    I don't think so. Though apparently Gamestop are doing a Keldeo download giveaway in the US starting sometime in August I think. (Aug 27th - Oct 6th I just checked) for BW games. Which is neat. Also the Shadow Tag Gothgirl event is male only... which is not neat. :/

    Tyranitar cute? XD Absol, Umbreon, Weavile, Krook, Honch, Zoroark, Houndoom etc so many awesome dark types. The only grass types that I really really like are Serperior, Torterra, Breloom and Roserade. I like others, but those are some of my most favourite ones. I need to get on with breeding DW Breloom aswell ;_;

    Nice. Did you get a Hidden Power on Swoobat? You haven't hatched DW Magikarp yet? I thought you would have done that a long time ago :eek:
    Just downloaded the Genesect wondercard for my Black 2 game :party:

    Grass types are cool. Though Dark are my favourites (I like every Dark type pretty much.. except maybe the vulture line and the baggy pants lizards who I'm not really keen on).

    I think I caught onto Yu-Gi-Oh due to my friends... and the anime series, which used to be on every saturday and sunday morning and i would watch like an addict (like 8-9 years ago or something, but I think it still might be going not sure). :p

    That Bagon is nice. Its defences are probably good enough, I reckon. I haven't done anymore Heracross lately, I should probably get on with that later. I've been a bit distracted (and bored) from pokemon lately. I want to do DW Woobats too (Swoobat is cuute). Swoobat got a bunch of good move tutor moves in B2W2 (like Eelektross) - Giga Drain, Heat Wave, Super Fang, Signal Beam ,Tailwind, Trick... though I'm not sure how many of those will be used, since Psychic, Calm Mind, Roost + coverage might be the best or something, idk. I really need to get back into breeding. Good thing is, I can RNG catch Tynamo easily when I come to want some of those. I'm thinking Quick Ball maybe? (though I should probably breed them and finish Heracross first XD)
    The original Elite 4 always seem really hard when I think back. Maybe I just have bad memories from my childhood where they would constantly thrash me. Cinccino's not doing bad, though. It tends to take 4 hits to kill something (sometimes 5). I think I just overestimated its power really. Though once again, Roselia/Roserade is proving to be a backbone for the team, just like in HGSS mono-Grass run. I knew there was a reason Roserade is one of my most favourite mons :]

    Staraptor just breaks the games really. I used Swellow a lot in Gen III and it always served well. Pidgeot is ok, I guess. I used one in HGSS and it has decent bulk but it seemed to hit like a wet bag. Noctowl gets pro points for just looking awesome but probably isn't great later in the game. I'm actually using (another) one in my latest HG playthrough (which I need to finish). Unfezant is just... yeah. I have zero interest in using that. Hopefully Gen VI brings another awesome bird.

    I never played Yu-Gi-Oh, really. I mean I did play with my friends but I didn't understand all the complicated rules so we just ignored those. I loved taking my cards to primary school (elementary in america, I think?) and trading them. Good times...

    It's pretty obvious now that it's been dropped whereas before it was probably debatable. I didn't drop it the first time but I guess it doesn't make a difference now :/
    Synchronoise is like one of the worst moves ever. XD Yeah the E4 in B2W2 is stronger. Instead of being Lv.50 they're about Lv.58-60 iirc, which is a nice boost since 50 is too low for them. IDK if it has a lot of attack EVs, knowing my luck probably not.

    Wing Attack is strong in the newer games. IIRC Starly learns it really early and then it becomes a pro in D/P/Pt.

    Yeah, I remember when I was younger I used to buy pokemon cards when I got my pocket money each week. That then changed into Yu-Gi-Oh cards a little later XD I have loads of them up in the attic being stored away. I wasted loads of money on them. .__.

    Well, I actually did knock it over last night and now there's an even bigger crack so they're unlikely to take it back now. So looks like I'll have to be forking out loads more money to buy another one :/ I use fast hatch on Hera, so I guess that is faster than Bagon :p
    Oh no XD I meant that when they want to learn a new move, it's hard to know what the move is (sometimes). Once I have four moves I can remember which four those are. Though, Azurill does learn Splash iirc, so I might have :p You go through Undella Town before the Elite 4 in B2W2, but it's after the league in BW. Yep, I tutored the multi-hit moves. It has an Adamant nature, but it still doesn't hit as hard as I thought it would, but it gets the job done nicely.

    Oh, I didn't even think about Pidgey's movepool. D:

    That's true, but Colo and Box being separate means more ££££ for them (or $$$$ for you :p).

    Well I've had to delete RNG Reporter since my laptop screen has broken - so it's going to need to go in for repair/exchange (though they are saying if I dropped it it's void of the guarantee, but I didn't drop it soo... XD). And so I've lost all my parameter crap and I can't remember what all of it is (except for C7C being the Timer0). :/ Looks like it's IV breeding or nothing for now. Oh so still no luck with Bagon? That's a shame. Are you going for high in all or are you doing Jolly/Adamant?
    Yeah, there's not much to miss. It's not like pokemon games have the most thrilling or unpredictable plot really. The only annoying part is abilities and (sometimes) moves if I can't tell what the move is by its base power/accuracy/physical/special. So it's pretty easy to playthrough. I've gotten all the way to Undella Town again XD [and I'm using the Skill Link Cinccino and it's awesome!]

    Pidgey isn't bad XD I used one in nearly every R/B game I played... same with Nidoking and Nidoqueen. I would always use both of them on the same team (for some weird reason). I would go with Nido over Clef, but that's just because I don't like Clef all that much.

    Well they did release a Pokemon BOX add-on for the GC, but I don't think it was much cop. It was just a PC on the GC really.

    I've breeding Hera like a machine but I still haven't come up with any good ones. It's beginning to irritate me now : <
    I've always known you as a reputable trader! I hope that I'll be able to get started trading with you after I go to a fresh start this October with a new copy of White 2.

    Pass on the positive! VM something nice to someone else and see if it brightens their day. :)
    Well you don't really need to know the names of natures, since the stat that is + is highlighted in red and the stat that is - is highlighted in blue (just like in HGSS). I suppose it would be needed for neutral natures, but they don't matter :p

    Ew, Charizard. Yeah, beating Brock with Charmander is hard, but not impossible. I remember doing it a few times. It helps that fire is special and not physical. Well you could try Pidgey? Or Nidoran F/M?

    I remember my Sneasel knowing Ice Beam XD The GBA -> GC adaptor isn't that bad of a method really, though. IIRC, it was a little slow to use, but nothing too bad.
    Well I can get one again when we get the English event :p Yay, I'm going to win the race!

    Oooo I didn't know that. Though I probably didn't play attention when I was a kid, and I don't really play the old games anymore. You should try doing another one now XD

    Sneasel is cool though... but dark/ice being special only is bad. Though I honestly never even noticed. I have the GBA -> GC link cable too. It's how I used to evolve my pokemon on R/S/E because I had no GBA -> GBA link cable. It is a rare game. I once saw a used copy for £34.99 (about 3 years ago). Still too expensive for me.
    Yeah, probably. Or I can just download it and trade it to people, since I'm sure some folks will just want a legitimate one for dex completion's sake. I still have a Victini Wondercard on my White game that I need to do. I'll get to it... some day xD

    Wait, what. Crits increase the more your speed does? Do you mean if you use Agility or just as your speed increases via level? Karate Chop was 100% critting everything on my game XD 9 hours is pretty fast though. Unless it's just been that long since I played R/B I didn't realise how short they are.

    The only Colosseum team that I ever beat the entire game with was (iirc): Umbreon, Espeon, Altaria, Medicham, Houndoom and Sneasel. That was years ago now. I should dig it up and give it another roll. It's not a bad game for a spin-off, really. I want to play the sequel(?) XD, but everywhere that is selling it wants around £60-80 for it which is really extortionate. I'll have to see if there's any used copies floating about. :I
    I have no idea. I think it's all found out, but I don't really know. They haven't released an update for it yet, as far as I know, so I'm not sure.

    I wonder why the game was created to make them so easy/common? An oversight? It must be an oversight. I said Bulba would be the best :p

    Nope, not yet. But I'll probably try at some point later. Right now I'm just basking in the glory of having a brand new working machine which has a working hinge where the screen isn't going to snap off XD

    A lot of the pokemon in colosseum feel like deadweight really. I think it's because their movepools are pretty lacking back then (and maybe because of the physical/special split not existing making idk). Espeon totally owns Colosseum though.
    Yeah, I started a new game. I should be able to download Genesect in a week or two aswell when the Japanese Wi-Fi event starts. If only I could RNG on Black 2...

    Oh yeah, crits in RBY are hilarious. I have a Mankey/Primeape on my old Red game and if you hold A everytime you use Karate Chop it will critical hit XD

    That seems a bit silly. I don't know why they can't just skip the mini-game and just transfer them over normally >_>

    Yeah, it doesn't learn many hax moves by level. Though there is the TMs like Flamethrower, I think. It does learn Coil and Roost (and Glare/Yawn) along with Return, so it should be easy enough to use later in the game/useful. It gets Drill Run as a new level-up move in B2W2, but that's about it iirc.
    Well the DS turned up this morning and this one seems fine (I don't want to jinx it XD). So yay. The clock works and I was playing Black 2 on it earlier :D

    I don't think they'll have hacked it. This was when I was around 8/9 year old and they were a year older than me. Well Razor Leaf is special back in Gen I, so you might aswell run a stronger grass move (if it learns one, I can't remember).

    I can probably shift from Gen IV to Gen V for you now, if you want. Provided I can work out how to do it and it'll only be for as long as my old DS manages to keep soldiering on. :p

    I haven't really been playing that much recent;y. I spent ages to trying to find a Dunsparce yesterday, in the shaking spots, for my second Black 2 playthrough, which wasn't fun but I got one in the end. This time I have Swadloon/Azumarill/Dunsparce on my team. Not sure what else I'm going to pick up. Maybe Buneary or Seviper or Combee. Yeah, probably Combee. I'm going to ditch Swadloon when I feel like it anyway :3
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