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  • I don't understand EVs or stats enough to make my own spreads; like, I have no idea about using x speed EVs to outspeed y, or x def/hp to avoid a KO from y etc.

    Well they've sent me an email to say it's been dispatched so wooooooo! XD Although now my laptop screen has broken lmfao. I'll need to send it back and get it repaired/exchanged aswell D:

    I had a friend who had a Mew when I was younger; I wonder if that's how they got it. I think Venusaur will probably be the best bet for it, but go for it and let me know :p

    Yeah, I remembered wrong and it's actually Impish not Adamant. It's listed on Dusknoir's RU anaylsis page. They should bring Seismic Toss back as a tutor, because it's pretty cool
    I was actually fairly motivated with EV training at first... then I just lost it. I just follow Smogon's EV spreads :I

    Well I sent the DS back and they received it earlier in the week because I sent it via recoreded delivery. They said they'll sort something, so we'll see what happens now.

    Mew glitch allows you to get any pokemon you want? I still think that Bulbasaur is probably the best bet from the start. Unless by "one poke runthrough" you mean you can't evolve it?

    I'm sure I saw an offensive Dusknoir set with Shadow Punch/S-Toss/Pain Split/Will-o-wisp (or something like that) IIRC, but I'm not too sure now.
    I had loads of RNG'd stuff that needed EV training but I never got around to it (and then I released a lot of them). I still have around 6 or 7 boxes of EV trained mons, though.

    I sent the flippin' DS back but SOMEHOW (I have no idea how) I completely forgot to put the DS back in the box. So I sent in back just a bag, really. I'm sure they're going to send it back to me now, and then I'll have to send it off again D: But we'll see. 3 days isn't bad for that actually. I thought it would take longer with the country being so big but I guess you probably have more warehouse depots or something.

    A one poke runthrough of R/B/Y? Just use Bulbasaur. It can get you past the first two gyms and after that you will just out-level everything XD

    That Duskull is awesome! You should do an Adamant one with S-Toss too, for an offensive Dusknoir :3
    Oh that chinchilla is pretty good. It's fairly frail anyway, so a few points missing from those isn't going to make much difference. MoxieMence will be better in the Subway if you can tutor it Outrage in B2W2. Dragon Dance once (maybe twice) then sweep :D

    Well I haven't sent it off yet. I just repackaged it earlier xD So it'll probably take a few days to go back and then they'll send the replacement once they get it, I guess. So it might be another week. Mail only takes 3-5 max in England, depending on where it's coming from (sometimes a little longer). I can imagine that in America it will be much longer than that at times XD

    Also, I'm going to restart my Black 2 and play through it again because I'm bored of it .___.
    Never used a Qwilfish in a runthrough, despite it being a favourite of mine. I should probably use one now that it has Intimidate.

    Oh, so you finished Minccino then. That's cool. What did it end up as? I did a flawless Naive DW Bagon for Dragon Claw/Fire Blast/Earthquake/Dragon Dance or something. It absolutely wrecks the battle subway.

    Also, I can send the DS back and they'll replace it which is great. Hopefully I'll get a perfectly working one this time XD
    Lucky you! Back then I could only dream to own a Scizor :3

    Oh yeah, that's true. Under sun it's really fast and a little bulk is nice I guess. I still don't have a good Sawsbuck. I wish you could keep it certain forms permanently (like the season deerling evolved) rather than it changing each season.

    I want to do something, I have a lot of things on my list, but I'm just not feeling it. Maybe when Gen VI rolls around? XD
    How can you have had it so close? :O I guess you had a link cable? Something I never had :(

    Max atk and speed? It'll still probably be faster than most of the Subway... or do you mean the Wi-Fi subway, which I think has EV trained mons? I got far (for me) with Ninetales, Chlorosaur and Volcarona a few times.

    That's true I guess. I need to start doing something, but I don't have any motivation gah
    My Silver battery died and I lost my Umbreon and Espeon which I spent so long to get ;__;

    Well Sawsbuck has Serene Grace and its useless on it :< Though, Sawsbuck hardly needs it, since it's just a sweeper really.

    D'oh! That Minccino was close too. If only some of the Sp.Atk was swapped over to Atk. It does really need a 30 or 31 in attack though. I might try and get some Hera later. Maybe.
    Cheers! I gave you a female Moxie Hera, so hopefully it's of some use to you.
    I prefer G/S/C for nostalgia, even though R/B were the first games (is that allowed? :eek:). IDK, the R/B games just feel lacking to me. Maybe it's because I don't like that many of the original 151. more blasphemy

    Serene Grace is a good ability for it too. It will see a fair bit of use, I guess. Now let's see whether Ditto makes OU now that Imposter Ditto is released :p

    Alright, well I'm around again now, so are you free to trade? I'll see if I have anything "bad" I can pass over.
    Oh yeah, getting 60 for the national dex was annoying :| then again, I don't really like R/B/FR/LG blasphemy

    I don't know, I think there's better psychic types. Jirachi, Alakazam, Latios/as, Reuniclus all seem better. Though I guess it's not bad, since it has awesome sp.atk and sp.def.

    I don't use photoshop :p I would have no idea where to begin with that.

    Well my mum wants to use the laptop for a bit, so will you still be around a little later?
    Although, I can see Challenge mode being too hard for me or something XD I liked the way the DPPt dex worked, because it made things a little easier. And really, you only had to explore each area fully to see everything, so wasn't difficult.

    Yeah, probably not. One can hope though. Meloetta will probably be UU, I reckon. If her formes were split then I'd say UU for psychic and OU for Fighting.

    Well, I can sort of do it XD I can't do amazing banners, but I can get a background and paste some images onto it. Or I can just use some artwork and mess with it on photobucket a little. Pixiv is good for pokemon art too.

    Yeah, if you're free and your Wi-Fi is working then I'll grab it from you and get it out of the way :)
    Yeah, I honestly think I know too much about the game for it to be a challenge at this point. But unless they make some massive changes (or I get my memory wiped :B) then it'll be that way with every new game. I really think they need to handle regional dexes better too. In B2W2 there's 300 pokemon in the regional dex, right? Well, quite a few of those can only be found in the wild after beating the Elite 4, and by that point you're given the national dex anyway, so it's really dumb. If they learnt to handle the regional dex better, I think trainers and gyms could both be harder.

    It seems like it could run a mixed set best, because you could switch stats by changing forme and stuff. Hopefully they'll retcon how it changes forme in the next games, like how Feebas now evolves using a hold item.

    Yeah, I might actually make my own banners since I can sort of do that now. I'd just need to find some good artwork of the pokemon that I like!

    I've sent them a message explaining the problem and asking if I can exchange it for another. We'll see what they have to say. :3
    I find the games too easy aswell, which is why I'm hoping challenge mode is significantly harder. I know the gym leaders gain extra pokemon because Serebii has a page on it. Yep Darmanitan is really strong. I had trouble with one at one point in B2 because it took out most of my team x__x

    Flareon is never going to get a good physical fire attack though >:)

    If it didn't transform mid battle it really would be amazing. It might have even give Terrakion a run for its money :eek:

    Yeah I invited you because I made it private but I know you said you were wanting to have a look. Your group isn't private, I had a little look around it :3

    Btw, I got the clock to work... sort of. I took the battery out and reset it and now it "works"... but it's just really slow. It moves 1 second on the DS Lite every 25 seconds of real time. So yeah, going to probably send it back and see if I can get a new one or just get refunded or something. :<
    Yeah, you can have both easy and hard on the same game, but you need to "share" with someone else to get the other.

    I used one years ago. It has a pretty good movepool. Yeah, Noctowl's not got great special attack, but a reliable STAB choice is pretty neat.

    I like the Normal/Fighting forme. I don't like the other one (Psychic, I think). 128 base attack and speed? yes please!
    Well in White 2 you unlock Assist mode (easy) and in Black 2 you unlock Challenge mode (hard). Then you can share them between games with someone else. Yep, huge disappointment.

    I want to use an Exploud again because it's cool :3 I love that there's a Hyper Voice tutor in B2W2 though. Now Noctowl, Girafarig etc all get a good special STAB move. Because Uproar is just bad.

    I don't like Keldeo >.<
    That's too straight forward for them. I have no idea what possesses them to think that version exclusive difficulty levels are a good idea anyway. Hopefully Gen VI will have them available from the start.

    Whiscash is cool. I might use one of those instead XD

    Sure, tomorrow is fine with me anyway. Since it's getting late here and I don't feel like toying around the router settings at this time :p
    That's because it is annoying :p There's making things fun through interconnectivity, then there's making things a hassle. They're choosing to take the latter route, for some reason.

    Yeah but I was just thinking that it doesn't exactly get much else. I'd probably have to TM. I have never used a Wailord, so that should be fun. Walrein is just awesome. I love it's moustachey-thing.

    My Black FC is 5071-3141-9155. Same as usual. It doesn't have to be tonight anyway :p I think Ghost is because of the good neutral coverage it has with fighting. I think Electric is recommended option on some of the sets though. I haven't really bothered to look at Keldeo since it doesn't interest me much. :>
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