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  • I think so, since that's how the "keys" are unlocked. Same as the Regis. Both games have Regirock, one has Registeel's key and the other has Regice's key, and you can swap them with the other games.

    Now that I'm looking at it, Sceptile doesn't seem all that great. The only other good Grass type is Breloom really, and I've used that to death (maybe Ludicolo, but I've used that to death aswell). I might choose Swampert. But I really wanted to use Spheal/Wailmer as my water-type. Gah!

    How does the Keldeo suck? ?__? It has a Timid nature and good IVs with the right Hidden Power? :eek: Yes, I'm still here :p
    I think you can do it if you have both a BW cart and a B2W2 cart synched up to the Global Link, since Serebii's page on the memory link says you can, and memory link was said to be wireless only to start with aswell. Not sure though.

    Well, that's true. I'm going to try taking the battery out (that's what you mean by system reset, right?) and see what happens then. I'll do it tomorrow and then message the place back and see about getting it exchanged/refunded.

    Well Leaf Blade is pretty good, right? It's been a while since I last played through a Gen III game. I started a Nuzlocke on Ruby but that sort of stopped. And I have Sapphire somewhere, which has a weird team on it (Swampert, Altaria, Grumpig, Camerupt, Sableye and Gloom iirc).

    Oh and Trog, any chance you could download this Keldeo from Pokecheck without the ribbon for me? It's legitimate, since one of the Smogon mods is directing people to it. I want one for my dex on Black, and it's RNG'd, so it's just right. :3
    Yeah, version exclusive difficulty levels (easy is unlocked on White 2) that also require local wireless sharing. It's craziness. GF have lost any sense they had left.

    Oh yes,I can return it. I didn't think about taking the battery out, so I might try that. Seems odd that a brand new DS would be broken though (it is brand new, every is all shiny and... new :3).

    I think I'll go with Sceptile. Blaziken doesn't interest me and my love for Swampert is fading :<
    Nope. You have to have beaten Black 2 (which unlocks Challenge mode) then you can "share" it with another game. So to play through challenge mode from the beginning, you need to play through Black 2 and beat the Elite 4, then use a second DS to transfer the challenge key over to the new game... It's quite stupid because you need two DS and two game carts using local wirelss, not Wi-Fi.

    It's just them abusing their power, Troggy! XD and if you dare question them about it... they'll just infract you.

    I can try. It was the weekend when I got it so they don't "work" on weekends.

    I also started a new game of Emerald. I can't decide which starter to choose xD I'm definitely picking up a Whismur though. It's been too long since I used one.
    Yep, they are. And the trend continues in B2W2 aswell. When I get the English version I'm going to give challenge mode a go, since it'll be good to see just how challenging it really is.

    Some assface called Vader.

    Yep. Well I was reading up about it and apparently it has to be sent to Nintendo to be fixed... and I doubt they'll be fixing them anymore. We'll see. And I just have two DS Lite now, I don't have a Phat :p
    I've struggled against Norman everytime xD Apart from in Emerald, when his team is different and only has one Slaking which makes life much easier.

    Well a moronic mod decided to post a discussuion in the group saying "I was here. That is all"... so I deleted it :p I swear the mods on that site just abuse their power at times. I will probably be updating some of the stuff later, if I can be bothered xD

    I ordered it online. I'm going to contact them and see what I can do. I still have my old DS for RNG purposes for the time being, but that screen isn't going to hold up forever. There's two "worst case scenarios" if I can't exchange it/get a working one/etc: one, I have to buy a 3DS at some point in the future and learn to RNG on that, or two, I just IV breed from now on. Right now I can still use my old DS, sort of, but at least I have a back-up now for when it does bite the dust.
    So I got a "new" DS Lite this morning, and the clock doesn't work! >.< It is actually new though, so I have no idea why the clock is broken :/
    Yeah, Slaking is strong for in-game purposes. Not sure if I'd use him now, but back in Gen III when I finally got a Slaking, it just wrecked face. Oh, and Norman's two Slaking in his gym battle were crazy. It was one of the hardest gyms I've ever faced. If they do make R/S remakes, hopefully they won't go overboard with him again (Whitney was harder in Gen II than Gen IV, imo).

    Well, no one is getting invited. It's a solo party! :spin:
    It's almost like they wanted Regigigas and Slaking to suck! Though Slakoth is pretty cute :3 I always used to catch one in Petalburg Woods when I was playing Gen III. Vigoroth is pretty cool too.

    Yay aslong as no one else can post without me "allowing" it, then that's fine. I just need to get some stuff listed because it's blank at the moment xD
    He's horrible! :mad:

    He's pretty fast though, so it could Sub -> Protect to ride the turns out.. maybe.

    Well I posted it here: Smogon Community - Thunderbolts and Lightningrods

    Can you just click it and see if you are able to post there (if the post box comes up--don't actually post please) because someone is VMing me on there telling me I didn't set the group up right or something? I have no idea XD
    so many people love Charizard. I have no idea why.

    Yeah, that would be trollorific of them. I wonder, would Slaking be any better with Slow Start? I think Super Luck increases the critical hit rate of all moves, doesn't it? Well, it does mesh better with moves that have high crit ratio, I guess,

    I think that's what it does. So if it was against Scizor it would use Scizor's attack stat to calculate the damage. Yeah, it'll be more situational I guess. Still, it's an option I guess.

    Probably Thunderbolts and Lightningrods, since that was my shop on here and fits wit the Blitzle name :3 Lucky you! Getting to sit and browse pokemon forums instead of working :p
    i hav a level 100 shinny Charzard dat knos HYper BEAM n BlaST BUrnn!!!111!

    Slow Start-less Gigas would be interesting with anything (except Truant lol). Regenerator fits it well though, because it was hibernating in that temple in Snowpoint for ages iirc. Dream Radar is like add-on for the 3DS, and you use the camera to look around your house (or wherever you're using the 3DS) and you can find pokemon with dream abilities. The genies are in there, so are Riolu, Togepi, Porygon, Sigliyph etc. It's like a mix between the Pokewalker and the Dream World on the PC, by the looks of it.

    I guess Umbreon should learn Crunch. It gets Foul Play from the move tutors in BW, which is base 95 (142.5 with STAB, if I can still count properly) and uses the opponents attack stat, while it's mostly situational, it's probably better than Bite since Umbreon's attack is poor, so using the opponents might be better? IDK.

    I'm going to be doing both Moxie and Guts. I caught some Guts Hera on my Black game a few months ago (Adamant and Jolly in Quick, Net and Dive iirc). I got stalled of IV breeding after that near flawless Docile Axew ;_; I still did some more after that, but that made me realise that if I can RNG, it's probably going to be better for my health in the long run xD

    BRB, going to make my own social group! XD The image limit on there is awesome. Apparently PC doesn't have an image limit though. So PC > Smogon if you want a huge thread.
    Yeah, pokemon used Absorb and Zeb's life was drained too XD

    OH, you're one of those fans ;)

    Yeah Regen Regigias would probably be fairly broken. Ho-oh and Lugia have been released, but you can only find them in the Pokemon Dream Radar (for 3DS) where you can find the new genie formes. So I can't get those either. I'm not even sure if they know how to RNG stuff from the Dream Radar yet. I would like a Regen Ho-oh, just for a collection. Not too bothered for Multiscale Lugia really.

    Umbreon wouldn't be able to do anything back because it's so weak ;_; It wouldn't even be able to Toxic-stall it (lol). If it was a Curse set, I guess it Curse and Wish its health back. IDK.

    I think the parent has Swarm. I'm using it to rebreed though, so the ability doesn't matter :p Oh, so did you finish Foongus then? I have Hera, Shroomish, Minccino, Foongus and Swinub on my to-do list for now.

    Oh... that's awesome! Can anyone make a social group on Smogon? I might do that, too, since I let my thead die off XD
    I'm going to get a new DS Lite if I can. That way, I don't have to learn a new RNG method or w/e is required for a 3DS. I only play pokemon on my DS anyway, so a 3DS isn't really interesting me right now.

    Infernape is one of my favourite pokemon (probably my favourite fire starter :eek:), so while I'm not "attached" I would try and use it... maybe. :p

    Regenerator Regigigas! Now that would be awesome! Oh, and Regen Ho-oh and Multiscale Lugia are released too. Which is neat for Ubers, I guess. Actually, while we're on the topic of abilities, I noticed a post the other day that highlighted that Inner Focus Umbreon isn't that awful, as it can avoid flinches from hax Togekiss and has really good special bulk :p Nothing amazing still, but I don't dislike the ability on Umbreon as much now (still would have liked something better though...).

    I have a Focus Punch/Double-Edge/Pursuit Hera on my Black game now :3 I might do Moxie Hera as an IV breeding project actually. Hera is awesumz.

    An admin will definitely be able to hard delete them. I'm pretty sure any blog mod can hard delete aswell. Though, I'm not sure if they will hard delete, because most things are soft deleted, and hard deleted is, I think, only used in special cases (not 100% on that, but I seem to recall something being said. You're best asking a blog mod). What's wrong with them just being soft-deleted though? :eek: If you do want to ask if you can have them hard deleted, you'll be best off asking $aturnYoshi, since he's head of blogs section.
    Yeah, moving stuff between the games is going to be a pain. I need to get a new/second DS asap now, because the top screen is going completely blank, whereas before the picture was just fuzzing out >.<

    Infernape was really good in Gen IV, now it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere. I think it's still a good poke though, because of how versatile it is with it having a good stat distribution and huge movepool.

    Well yeah, but I was just meaning that at least Zekrom got a decent-ish move :p I don't know why they gave Regigigas Slow Start. It could have just gone without it and still being as strong as the other "Ubers" who they chose not to ruin with a horrible ability.

    I have it for download. I haven't actually got it onto the game yet though, because I didn't change the router settings earlier. I'll get it shortly :p
    Yeah, probably. Once I do get it sorted so I can clone the shards, I'll tutor you some stuff, if you wanted :p

    Some get Focus Punch as an egg move. Yeah, Infernape likes Vacuum Wave too. There's not much but those moves are the only ones that have any "worth". Others like Rollout, String Shot, Mud Slap etc are all pretty useless. Honchkrow learns Sucker Punch as a Murkrow, iirc. Shiftry needs Sucker Punch from Gen IV, when it should learn it by level-up or something ;_;

    Mist is horrible. Zekrom at least got Haze, which is a decent move. Yeah, Huge Power Slaking would be insta-Uber. I don't understand why they made the pokemon so good that they'd need to nerf it with a horrible ability. They should have just lowered its stats.

    Yay, thanks! I'm going to go grab it now. Relaxed with 31 speed lol :p
    Yeah, but the game I have now is Japanese, so I'm not sure if it will work with my AR. Also, I need to update the AR with it being a new game (the AR is over a year old :eek:) which I've lost the cable for, so I probably won't be able to use the AR on Black 2 just now. :<

    Yep. I thought GBU was going to be great and then it was a letdown. :(

    Oh sure. I'll let you know if there's anything. I think there's only a few things that miss those moves really, so not much.

    There's definitely a limit on the number of wondercards you can have, but I'm not sure how many that is. The Reshiram's special move was... Mist lol. Apparently Shadow Tag Chandelure isn't all it was hyped up to be (it's still good though, apparently [of course]); I still see it being absolutely everywhere once it's released. That is, until we get Gen VI and they give Slaking Huge Power or create something else controversial xD

    Awesome! :D Thanks! Umm, I'll just download if from Pokecheck if it's easier for you? I'll only be breeding with it and releasing it so I don't mind the ribbon. :p You'll have to let me know when you put it up publicly though, so I can grab it and then if you want to take it down straight after you can :p
    Yeah, I'm going to have to search for them, too. It shouldn't be too bad. I suppose I could open a trade thread asking for the shards, and offering DW females, egg moves, IV breeds, shinies etc. Should be fairly easy to get, providing people are willing to have them dragged from their fingers give them up :p

    Yeah, I find it odd that they don't really support 6 vs 6 singles. Kind of crazy really, since that's how the games began. Even the GBU doesn't support 6 vs 6 in singles; just 3 vs 3.

    Oh yeah, shiny Meganium. I need to RNG a few of those now that Giga Drain and Seed Bomb are back as tutor moves :3 The only pokemon I can't do in 5th Gen now are those that need Focus Punch, Vacuum Wave, Sucker Punch and Avalanche, with those still being Gen IV exclusive tutors. I might try out IV breeding in Soul Silver for anything that needs those. I don't like Gen IV abuse :<

    Yeah, we'll get the events around October, I guess. I'm probably going to download the wondercard then just save them. Apart from pokedex completion's sake, I'm not much interested for either of the three. So if I save them, then I can just RNG them sometime in the future when I feel like it. I still have a few wondercards on BW that I'm saving too. (Though I can't believe I RNG'd a Timid Reshiram when I have your Timid Reshiram in the PC >.<)

    Yeah, gothgirl is B2W2 only :( I guess that means they realise how good Shadow Tag can be. Neither gothgirl or Litwick were in the DW (I guessed wrong) so I guess Litwick will be a future event too (unless they pull an Azure Flute and never release it?)
    Shards are found in the Hidden Hollows, losing at the World Tournament, in the Dream World and in the cave dust clouds (where you find Drilbur). So not hard to find, but not exactly as easy as trading a guy a bunch of star pieces like in Platinum >.<

    Well Stealth Rock isn't gamebreaking to Game Freak otherwise they'd nerf it somehow. And it's only gamebreaking in metagames like Smogon's -- in the VGCs (where GF probably pay most attention to what's used) I don't even think Stealth Rock is used. ever. And Recover and Slack Off are 50% healing with no drawbacks. Just strikes me as moves they probably don't want widely available. Though Solrock and Lunatone want Recover and Torkoal wants Slack Off! So I hope they do make them tutor moves... someday :p

    Well no worries if you can't. I can always breed it with other moves :p

    Autumn is always what I think of when I see shiny Breloom. And shiny Exeggutor, though that one is less so. I am going to IV breed if I can be bothered. I will probably do it on the English B2W2 games when they are released, then it saves me having to trade the pokes between two games whenever I want to tutor. I just RNG'd stuff too fast last time, so hopefully IV breeding will let me last longer without getting bored.

    Well Keldeo is already out, Meloetta is out in a few days when the movie airs, and Genesect is being released next month. So by 14th August all the "event" pokemon will have been released. Gen VI coming next year is looking highly plausable now imo... might have to invest in a 3DS soon XD

    Also, Shadow Tag Goth is being released as a Dream World/Global Link event (like the Arceus and Lucario earlier in the year) but hopefully they make it female. If they're making it an event I have my doubts whether it will be female, as otherwise the event would be unneeded (though the DW Banette event could be either male or female iirc, so there's hope). We'll have to see, I guess.
    You get BP for winning a round and a shard if you lose a round. Shards are probably more precious than BP, really XD

    Wish tutor would be cool. It'd be no different than a Synthesis tutor really. Slack off or Recover as move tutors seems extreme as they have no drawbacks, but Wish would work fine since it takes two turns to heal. *sigh* You just know GF will never introduce a Wish tutor though.

    I didn't check Pokecheck. I can probably have a look later. No worries, though. I just know you were using 3rd Gen for abuse, so I figured it was worth asking :p Worst comes to worst I can try asking on Smogon, but I doubt anyone on there would be willing to help. >.<

    No, I was IV breeding the Shroom. I will RNG a shiny one at some point, but not right now. My PC on Black is nearly full, too. So I really need to clear some stuff out if I want to start IV breeding again. BTW, apparently RNGing for eggs on B2W2 is messed up, because GF have made it so when you load the game up the first egg always has the same PID or IV inheritance (or something like that). So to RNG an egg, you'd need to take the first and aim for the second (without resetting, too, I think) so it's pretty awful in comparison with the first BW. Looks like GF are trying to stop RNGers. I'll be sticking to my Black cart for RNGing eggs then, I guess, which is a bit of a pain when the move tutors are on B2W2. XD

    Also, Genesect is going to be released over Wi-Fi to Japanese B2W2 games starting in August. Which means I should be able to pick one up :p
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