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  • Hey there, Trouble! I noticed that you let go of ToJ, which is too bad. I was gone for a couple periods of a month or two each, but I'm pretty active again now. I'm assuming you're talking about the fic in your sig? I'm planning on reading a ton this weekend to get ready for the awards season, so I'll add it to the list. I'm glad you're still reading Unpredictable, I've lost a few readers over the past several months.

    Sorry our collab fell through, by the way. That was my fault. I'm still up for it if I can find the time and you're still interested, though. I've got a character idea if you want to bounce some possible plots off each other.
    Pokemon: Melody of Indigo is actually loosely based on Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. Would you want me to tag you so you are notified of each new episode?
    Hey Trouble, just read the parts of phanpy you have up so far! I have to say, its really good. I would also like to say 2 things. 1. im sorry for abandoning 3rd starter, and 2. Your story has inspired me to ressurect third starter! Im gonna make a few changes and rewrite it from scratch, but same characters and stuff. Oh, one last question: Any chance we see Phanpy evolve later?
    Don't you find it hilarious how a certain person said your story was "too long"? I'm going to read your story now.
    lol i don't know why i forgot to say this in the first place, when i first read it, but Little Champs is a realy good story I liked the interaction between the pokemon. The only thing is now that ive read that, and read your reason for writing it, you make me want to quit my white nuzlocke and make a competitive team -_- lol. Anyway ya very good read.
    Oh, yes please. I might not be able to read it for a few days but I would definitely like to and a link would be appreciated.
    I just finished chapter 10 of your fic, and I really like it. I'll leave a decent review when I'm all caught up, but I just thought I'd let you know. A collab would be awesome, what do you have in mind?

    BTW, new chapter of Unpredictable out now.
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