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  • I have trouble parallel parking with medium-sized cars, I can't imagine handling a bus or a vehicle with a trailer attached. @[email protected]

    Er, relative area then. xD; Still nice to hear you have quite a few options in line for future employment.
    When I went to get my license they didn't test me on parallel parking, which I was thankful for. I try to avoid it whenever possible but when you're visiting cities you're pretty hard-pressed to find anything else. It's good that you recognize your strengths and weaknesses behind the wheel.

    That's pretty convenient to have that in your area, you're able to save a ton of money by staying at home and going there.
    Scrape's no big deal, unless it's brand new. You'll get your license on the first go for sure with all this practice.

    That's why I opted for community college too, especially since I had no idea what I wanted to do and didn't want to rack up a lot of debt while figuring things out.
    Depends on your definition of interesting. Nothing too exciting, really hyped for the new FE game, blah blah blah.

    How goes life, TS?
    alright then

    I can't do it now, I'll have to go do something soon, but I might when I come back. I must note that I've tried using that site before and had problems with it. Wasn't able to do much but accept invites, and I recall having trouble with even that.
    Hm, a little. I did play the game years ago, so I know the basic rules, at least.
    *Stares curiously*

    I see. How interesting.

    *takes a blood sample for reasons*
    Your posts more often than not involving vehicles and their workings in some way, your last couple being prime examples. :p
    I see. Good to hear. I did get the impression you were mechanically inclined. Fair enough, I can see what you mean.
    True. Hopefully things will pick up now that Easter break has started. And then Summer.
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