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  • Really? I like Kokoro, even if she doesn't exactly have emotional depth or anything.
    As I said, Sekibanki is annoying. Besides the head gimmick, her patterns require a good amount of streaming to survive. I think STG 3's boss is easier. =_= Something you wouldn't say often in this series.
    So they've released HM, with DDC's demo being released as well. Can't say much about HM, but personally playing DDC's trial showed me that the game is pretty difficult compared to TD. The new characters seem interesting... but Sekibanki is probably one of the more annoying STG2 bosses for me. (Up there with Parsee.)
    I'll make a point of giving credit wherever I can. Hopefully it'll get the message across. If not, it doesn't matter. I'd still be content being the one person having proper etiquette on here with sources.
    I have a small bit of advice... While it's true that you do make some good points in your arguments, you won't always get people to pay attention to them if you're using insulting language.
    It's nice to be willing to express your opinion freely, but you do have to try and do so politely as possible. In the meantime... I wouldn't bother paying much mind to your latest entry's responses, since no one seems to have the intellectual capacity to listen. Not surprising quite frankly.
    Yeah, the new engine is a little hard to get used to. It's confusing figuring out what which combo of spellcards and moves to use due to the lack of a translation. (Understandly, kind of early for one of those.)
    Guess we'll have to wait and see really.
    I remember pretty much everyone.

    I have to agree with you; there are new people everywhere, and only a handful of "old" ones left. I force myself to be here every day though, to post on Random Messages. I used to be Top Poster, but then people got pissed at me and chased me away, which is a bit sad to me, but I'm kind of over it now.

    I feel ever so old when I see people that haven't been on Bulba as nearly as long as me being Pseudo Mods/Mods/Admins.
    i know about ore, i didnt know it had a kanji lol
    but yeah i'll stick with atashi
    arigato tsurugi;san (you didnt want me to call you -chan on twitter)
    oh was confused. was in a twitcast and everytime i said "atai" people would correct me. but then the guys can use boku.
    same when i use "omae"
    i was trying to sound cute to said person lol
    but i'll stick with others since -tama = sama
    is atai a pronoun i can call myself in place of watashi?
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