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  • friends use chan with me. so does it mean they are higher than me though i am older than them? probably. ;o

    it's just something to wrap my head around. but then again, i had japanese people on this forum act like they are better than me so i guess it have to get over it.
    pronouns, like watashi, anata i use because alot of other sites do it when teaching. sometimes i try dropping them and it works but there's this doubt that someone might think im talking to everyone in general. like; anata no neko desu ka? is that your cat?

    yeah i find myself overusing the honerrifics. i feel like if i dont use one, then i am being disrespectful since most people attach -chan to my name [ex; Ami-chan]. I don't want to be a weebo but I don't want to disrespect anyone either since not alot of japanese people i've met called me just by name. only like two people called me -san.

    I didn't understand -kun at first. All i knew is that it's a male honorific, thus my comment on Iwane's blog.

    (now to work on not typing romanji. people think im speaking english when im really doing romanji)

    im guessing they didn't mind because i am also not japanese. it's like bowing. (though i am getting into the habit of doing it but not just anyone)
    Well, it was just a suggestion. She can be the same at times. =-=;
    Thanks, though it's only for today. =w=; Going back to Yukari tomorrow.

    what is the difference between chan/san/kun? when i go on a twitcast with people i make friends with, they call me "ami-chan". do i call all other japanese people -chan. it think some people kinda had a problem with it because the person i used it with was someone older; this person: https://twitter.com/anessa2400

    oh okay, thanks. ki i know that there are 3 different styles so i thought i could come up with my own on that particular one. ive seen many people to top and down so i wasnt sure. but yeah... i have a problem with a;

    i'm thinking the only thing i can write correctly is my name lol

    thanks for the links XD
    Just try to be patient. If you're snapping at people so easily, God only knows how you'll be later in life. =_=; I'm not trying to criticize you... It's just... you're pretty cynical. And not above voicing it.
    I'd be a hypocrite if I acted like I was much different of course...
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