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  • Easy, easy. Chill out. =_=; You shouldn't be so harsh about people. I understand we have idiots in this world, but calling people out on things like that isn't... wise.
    Even if you don't like people, sometimes it's better to keep it yourself. I know you probably aren't the type FOR that, but... really. Lighten up please. =_=; It actually sounds like you've grown more bitter since we last spoke...
    it's not that I don't like to hear that my Japanese it not a good as everyone else's but it's the people treating me like I'm stupid I don't like. Someone else told me that I shouldnt translate things for people on this site. But they said it in a way that I could never be good in Japanese. I'm not saying you were implying that, I was saying that you saying that it's not good enough wasn't a problem. (I don't also understand how everyone else; including some of the native speakers; are able to understand me :[ ) (also; your the second person to tell me that. but you said in a nice way)

    As for twitter; I wasn't trying to say that MAGNEDETH sucked persay... I was trying to say "suck it up". :[

    yo omaera... I picked up that phrase months ago from a book i got. (since people talk to me in slang phrases i don't know) the book says it can be used to say "yo guys" etc. I'm guessing you heard me say that on YT? I think I also put that as the title of one of my blogs as well. (like like how I say koncha, chiwassu or konchassu)

    as for my use of boku; I've been told that i can use it when talking to a guy, which is why i sometimes go "genki desu. boku wa?" or replace "anata" with "boku". i might be using it wrong though but that's what i've been tought when learning this.

    gomensai, tsurugi-san :[
    Well, the site may still bore you, since it hasn't changed all that much. ._.; Anyway, I've picked up several new games since we last spoke. Rosenkreuzstilette, Cosmic Break, and random SNES games. Otherwise, life hasn't exactly been very interesting for me. Just sitting around chatting really. I hang out here more, since a friend is stuck here himself. =w=; What about you?
    Hey, sorry for the delayed friend request, and sorry for missing your birthday, happy belated one... Truthfully, I don't really visit here anymore, occasionally just to grab something from my chatting history. At times, I do come around here to chat, but it won't be for very long. I know we haven't talked much, but still I'm sorry...
    Almost forgot, I don't visit here at all anymore. Being on the friend list would let you view some of the VMs but I won't really be responding your messages for a good, long while. (About half a month or something, maybe not even that short) I don't get online unless its to view something in my PMs.

    The profile's basically dead and again, used to view stored PMs that I have.

    Sorry about the delayed request, I caught the message but simply forgot. Summer's been busy for me.

    On the more optimistic side, I will try to respond to you and try to catch you when your on if I notice you're here. And.... happy belated birthday....
    I could have joined shrinemaiden instead of here. But no. I had to think they're too rude to the shitposters and shitlords. I had to pick a site that was all happy-happy nice and smiles to everyone.

    Belated happy birthday, me! Your only present was having to suffer through through endless pages of pissants making repulsive rape jokes. Boo hoo! You're depressed! That doesn't give any of you the right to make light of goddamn rape. Repulsive scumbags.
    I didn't mean that in a bad sense. xD She was actually a fan of yours, even though you two didn't really talk. She seemed to agree with quite a few things you said back in those days, or came to agree to them in time.
    Well, most people I spend time around here could probably tell you I'm ranty. It's most commonly regarding ponies, competitive elements in some games, people, and real life. (Well, I have to be in a REALLY bad mood to have a real rant.)
    Alright then. I'll look into it when they sign in today on Hamachi. ^^; I'm asking because I know that Star was one who mentioned you every so often, so I figure she might at least want to talk. (I'm not as keen on what the other one thinks, as he's pretty... um... hard to read.)
    That, and I want to make sure you aren't stuck just talking with me lol. I'm a bit... dull. And when I'm not dull, I'm bitchy about almost everything. :s
    Don't think so lowly of yourself. :s They may not have talked to you much in the past, but they do respect you.
    Say... have you thought about striking up a chat with either of the Scarlets yet? (I'm not sure if you remember who they are or not, but I figured I would ask just in case.)
    They might enjoy getting a status update as well.
    Sorry about that. I've been down in the dumps for a while now. I get like that a lot these days. =w=; I appreciate your concern though.
    Anyway, how have things been?
    Not to be mean, but I honestly didn't think he'd get a wife this soon lol. Just seemed to put in so much time on the Touhou Project. xD Well, I hope it's a match made in heaven at least. ._.; His taste isn't too shabby either
    Well let's see now... we have some storms coming in ourselves, so we'll be having just as pleasant noise going on outside later. In a rather pissy mood today unfortunately, but I have to try and look like I'm not in yet another bad mood. (I have those about 75% of the time these days. Life away from the computer sucks pretty badly, and I can't say things on it are much better.)
    Also waiting rather impatiently for the next Touhou game to be announced/released. .-.; We haven't had any real game development since TD was released.
    There's one thing about this series that bugs me. The Bad Endings. They suck pretty universally. .-.; Except UFO's maybe. (Even then, I only saw Sanae's.) But really, they were all just huge slaps in the faces if you had a hard enough time clearing the game to get them. Imperishable Night's were special though. .-.; Arguably having 2 different bad endings for each team, I hated the "Game Over" ones the most early on.
    Still better than the Crono Trigger Bad Ending of course.. =w=; WAAAAAAAY better.
    You mean the one when she fires tons of bullets at the speed of sound? .-.; Yeah, that one's a bitch. Easily on par with some of the spells in UFO imo. =w=;
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