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Tusken Raider

Well, apart that I'm "socially awkward", likes Pokémon and live in the Caribbean, there ain't much to tell.

Likes: Reading books/novels, video games, role-playing games, science fiction, fantasy, horror, comic books/graphic novels, Star Wars, Transformers, Power Rangers, Godzilla (plus other kaiju/daikaiju), music, the occult, paranormal/supernatural, zoology, science, cryptozoology and of course, Pokémon.
Feb 25, 1997 (Age: 23)
The Caribbean
Favorite Generation
Generation IV (DS)
Favorite Pokémon Type
Favorite Region
Favorite Gym Badge
Saffron City Marsh Badge
Nintendo Network ID
Nintendo 2DS/3DS Friend Code


Songs this forumite claims: "Sunglasses at Night" & "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger."


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