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Twinkles the Marvel Horse

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  • We are in the same place qwq
    (Oh thanks :D Next time I see you we can battle! Tho bear in mind I am not a good battler xD;)
    Sableye omg xDD Another killer prankster, it has like the perfect movepool to annoy you to death. And now it's more popular thanks to its mega (luckily we have fairies so it has a weakness now).
    Thanks to you too c: You keep the business up so be sure to keep us alive~ I don't wanna face Oxycotton tho .w. I still remember this time I faced one and it kept spamming Swagger along with Leech Seed and Toxic. I was lucky I carried a Krookodile with this berry that heals any altered status so it could defeat it with a boosted move :p
    Do you battle often?
    Sorry yesterday wasn't a good day for me >.< will you be today at 19:00 EST? I got my time a bit cut today.
    Sup? :eek: Oxy is ready~! At what times are you avalaible to trade? The power item that helps Atk will be fine for it.
    Sorry I couldn't reply to your pm. It's because I still don't have 10 posts...but yes, the code will work for me. =)
    Hold on -- I'll be able to trade in about 10-20 minutes. I'm on the 4th battle at Le Wow and I'll finish up in a bit.
    Can you get online? I'll be online for a few hours, so it's no rush. I'm going to be IV breeding so let me know a general time.
    I agree, but if this is how people are going to enjoy the game (and compensate me for it) I will oblige. I do find it somewhat ironic that special ball females in Gen VI are equivalent to HA females of previous generations in terms of breeding mechanics.

    That time was fine, but my PC BSOD'ed so I haven't seen it until now. Getting online now.
    Oh by the way, let me know when I can give you your Trapinch. I'm not going to be idling online so if you could give me a set time (I'm GMT+1) that would be great.
    Mate, people are borderline OCD about matching pokéballs. There is a more colloquial term but I think it's offensive so I don't use it.

    There are the usual restrictions - for instance there's no point showing off your ball/'mon combo if it doesn't get through Battle Spot - but otherwise people have gone nuts. Like breeding special ball females to match the shiny they trying to hatch.
    If you must know, someone who wanted a Dive Ball penta female gave me a hacked parent. I did the rest.

    The penta males were leftovers, but I couldn't find it in myself to just release them.
    good, someone in the same time zone. That almost never happens. x)

    I can send HA Roilu over in a little bit if that's ok with you. :)
    hello, I just added you back. :)

    I'm not sure what time zone your in...I'm US EST (I live in Maine).
    -When is it most convenient for you to trade?
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