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  • Hey we should follow each other on tumblr! I re-blog and sometimes post a lot of video game and anime related things and also just funny stuff! xD
    I'll look forward to it.

    Yesss! I love Danganronpa! I'm almost done with the game, and I'll watch the anime after. I heard it was a bit rushed though ;;
    thanks :)

    oic still needs more roserade doe, maybe a hidden one in the background
    I received recommendations to download it as well. I hope it certainly is interesting as people say :D I'll probably download it when I save up enough money for it XD
    I already knew I'd lost in the trivia game, but was hoping for the scavenger hunt.

    Ah well, looks like my Bulbagarden searching abilities aren't up to par. Maybe next time.
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