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Twisted Roselia
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  • Well best of luck, I'm definitely out of the running for the trivia contest, so I'll just hope I get picked for the other one :)
    The dream is over for me in the 12 days trivia, my Bulbapedia searching skills and patience are limited.

    Still, there's always the prize draw :)
    No worries, hope your day was good :)

    Well I got the answer for the scavenger hunt right, so there's a chance there.

    I'm 99% sure I won't be in the rankings for the trivia, but oh well.

    See you next year? :D
    Best of luck and merry christmas :D

    I'm both looking forward to, and dreading, that TCG answer, but at least it will be over with :)
    well im entering because you and sb have 3dss and i don't so
    but i probably wont win knowing my luck when it comes to competitions and stuff

    hey remember the time when i was in year 1 and you were in year 3 and we had to draw pirates and i semi-copied your one and you were like "ommmm u copied me youll never win" and i ended up winning xDDD
    Hehe, thanks!!

    Rei is my favorite because I have a thing for pretty boys in glasses he can talk 'science', and his overreaction to the concept is beauty is hilarious XDD He's the best <3
    And yes! They are cute together XDD
    You should :) New Blood is really interesting. The dialogues are more professional, and Markus is like a mix of CRSO-1 and Gabe put together. He's a really cool guy, and he has the same Healing Touch as Derek.
    Markus Vaughn - Caduceus Database
    I like Marcus and Valerie :) They also make a great combination, and New Blood had some badass music when operating on Stigma lol
    Hi!! I'm a fan of the Trauma Center series!! Just noticed Rosalia in your avi and dropped by to say hello!

    Little Guy and Naomi : Best combination EVER
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