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  • You just need to post. And you just keep posting random stuff.
    As I say,I can introduce you.
    Oh,mention winning the thread somewhere in each post.
    NO!! Well,I have a crush on her,she says she doesn't feel that way cause we've never met,but we're best friends,and she says if we meet we'll date,so yay!...
    Last Poster Wins. If you want to make friends,Last Poster Wins is great,cause we say random stuff and have a good laugh. Try it!!
    If you want friends,go to my friends and sent some requests,cause these guys are nice. Oh,check my latest blog,there's a bit about how I feel about ocean,right at the bottom.
    Ehh...On LPW,Ebail kept teasing fin-fin about cakes,turns out oceans new computer kept logging her out,it's fixed now, and it turns out I have a crush on OceanicWildfire,so yeah...
    If you want new friends,there're people I can point out for you.
    I think it's more a long term problem.
    Like,every now and then it won't let me in to the site because my computer/iPod can't connect to the Internet. (even though the rest of the Internet works fine.)
    I don't think so.Apparently her login keeps playing up and logs her out.
    I've been trying to talk to her but her page just stays blank and 30 mins later she's offline.
    You should go for it! See the little square icon with the tree on it? If you click it it should let you upload pictures. You can always upload them from our computer or if you don't have a photo bucket then I you give me the sprites I can upload them to my photobucket and get you the links. It's not a problem! This was my first time on a forums too. You adjust pretty fast if you visit often. It depends on what your comfortable with. Some people lurk and others jump right in. I lurked for one or two days before I posted just to see how stuff went down around here. I you ever need help with ANYTHING feel free to ask me ^_^
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