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  • Well as you probably read then you know that the group has been separated to different parts of the base. I didn't decide where Tay would go so I guess he can just go to the same room with Mark, though I gotta describe his part in my next post cause I haven't described Mark's opponent.

    Anyways they are divided in different parts, they're not fighting the same person.
    Yeah I figured you were busy, but yes we skipped over the end of the fight, Tye and the rest of the Slayers escaped on the ship and are heading to the Corps Guard's base.
    Hi, you might have noticed that you're quitting the RP. However, my brother AlphaMouse has expressed interest in taking over Ahmal's part in the RP. Given how few posters there are, would you rather this happened or would you be fine with Ahmal just commiting suicide, sacrificing himself for the greater good etc etc
    YES YOU DO!!!!! *creepy music play's* har har har, har!

    *make's blankie a cape*

    ...am i linus? XD;
    *hold's blankie while sucking on thumb* these things lose their flavor afterawile, of all things scientificly ovious....
    Nobody can defete me!!!!

    Yes...I need to keep telling myself that.....

    Disney world, watch out, 'cuz the master is here and her name is...uhhh. *think's* WIGGLYTUFF!!!!
    ...No.....i'm not that good. I found this fanart myself.

    But UHHHH!!!!

    I forgot what to say now.

    *suck's her thumb* Taste's saltay...
    Picture 79 of 100 from Riku Album 7
    Wow o_o; Epic profile XD; Wanna be friends? :3
    Hey, post in Bounty Hunters xD it'll be Tye's time soon so you should stay current.
    I wouldn't mind that, actually. Just, don't pretend my character isn't there. Cause, what's going on is that my character pretty much doesn't exist, as nobody ever mentions him in their posts. Even a simple "[person, person, person] and Seraeus ran away" would suffice. You know?
    That's okay. I understand perfectly. It's not your fault. It's my fault for having not enough free time. I'd love to contribute, I think my character is a really great one, but there's no point if everyone's going to pretend he doesn't exist. See, the RPs I'm used to has everybody control every character, so nobody gets left behind. Seems this isn't the case here.
    Sorry about having Destiny's barrier break btw. For some reason, I thought you'd written "[the barrier] couldn't even stop [the knight]". That's why I had Tad's arm cut off, lol. I only just realised, re-reading the post, that you hadn't. Sorry! ^^;
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