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  • Damn, I thought it might be fun to let Tad lose an arm. Oh well, let's see how this plan goes down (like the Hindenburg, I expect, haha).
    You have to go up with Ellen and Barrage, get the guy that can erase the seals out of his cell, recover Tye's powers then get that guy back down so he can treat the Slayers, and since Tye's fast he's the perfect one for the job, when that does happen please do it in one post.
    Sacred Army is going a bit too fast for me. I hate to ask this of you, but could you maybe slow it down a bit? Just enough for me to actually do something. If not, then I might have to drop out, as everybody's overwhelming my character.
    I didn't say they weren't. She just doesn't know why there thier and has maybe had prior experience with undead that didn't go well. No problems will arise. :p
    A vampire, being an undead or a walking corpse, would still have an odd scent about them. While it may be difficult for a human to perceive, I thought that a dragon might notice it and Ame recognize it.
    Before you go, are we going with Ame's construct idea? Because ti seems to clash with the whole "monster dematerialise" thing ... Or do they both fit, somehow? Not bothered which way, just wondering.
    I'll ask him about it. And just so you know, I'm basically up for anything fantasy or sci-fi, though I really don't like roleplaying as Pokemon (even though I like PMD, and Warior Cats ^^; ).
    Hmmm, I've never done a private role play before, but yeah, that sounds cool. Let me know if you guys have any interesting ideas for the future :)
    Just friendly advice, people fighting over girls in RPs has killed quite a few of 'em. But I will make Vincent the sexiest beast on earth! He will make friends with Lizardman and learn his lizardy seduction techniques. Maybe that android dude too.
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