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  • Thanks, I'm almost done! I have my guidebook too, so I don't miss anything. I'm busy tomorrow, but I should be able to get HG/SS totally finished by the weekend.

    Are you still working on the Ruby/Sapphire one? It's almost done, but it only goes up to Sootopolis - if you weren't sure which part to cover next, you could just do Ever Grande and put Pacifidlog in an "Optional Areas" section. Just a thought. =)
    Hey, saw your message on my talk page.
    I'd be happy to add the Elite Four's rematch info for the FR/LG walkthrough. Problem is, the only thing I can edit without getting hit with a 504 is adding the Welcome to a new user's page.
    I keep checking back, since there are other pages I'd like to edit, but that's just not going to happen yet. It's been over 2 weeks, I wish people would ease up already!
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