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Recent content by Tyler53841

  1. Tyler53841

    Spoilers Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

    Without spoiling too much, my opinion towards the returning Pokemon from past generations is that I feel that available selection is a little too narrow and I feel a Pokedex with 400 Pokemon is a little too small and they could have at least made it a little larger. In addition the leaked...
  2. Tyler53841

    There are petitions about Gamefreak fixing the 'Galar Pokedex' thing

    Personally part of the issue at hand is the fact that the world of Pokemon has become so huge and the fact that Game Freak can't be programming in every single Pokemon per game with its current huge size so this is where they have to draw the line by limiting the amount of sprites and animations...
  3. Tyler53841

    Notice Generation 8 - Choose Your Starter!

    I feel the same way right now.
  4. Tyler53841

    Bulbawiki site issues thread

    Agreed, just waiting it out and checking back periodically until this whole site issue mess is over.
  5. Tyler53841

    Review SM103: A Passionate Heart That Can Smash Even Rock! Lychee and Takeshi!!

    Nice to see a Gundam reference in Pokemon, at least with something like doing a parody of the final battle against the Dark Gundam (Devil Gundam in Japan). . Currently I am watching G Gundam again on Crunchyroll in the subbed version only (Which is my personal preference as I have some dislike...
  6. Tyler53841

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    For me I am going to Gamestop and getting it there. I will start with World of Light to unlock characters until I have a better idea of unlocking characters elsewhere.
  7. Tyler53841

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    I did find that announcer narrated trailer to be cute and a bit funny.
  8. Tyler53841

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    So did I. Planning to work through the pre-arrangements ASAP after acquiring the game for the free Piranha Plant DLC Also for collectors value and to have spare discs around purchased Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far.
  9. Tyler53841

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    Here is the official reveal trailer for the 2 new characters revealed today: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD0sqq6p_b4 Not only do I feel happy as a Pokemon fan, but also as a Street Fighter veteran as well to see both Ken and Incineroar two of my more favorite characters in the...
  10. Tyler53841

    Nintendo Directs Thread

    Aside from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, also happy to know about the Mega Man amiibo function for Mega Man 11 which was also revealed.
  11. Tyler53841

    Bulbawiki site issues thread

    The search engine is having some difficulty working correctly.
  12. Tyler53841

    News Kenyuu Horiuchi to become the new voice of Professor Oak.

    Currently unconfirmed if Kenyuu Horiuchi will be taking on that role. Mostly likely he won't unless if there is official conformation. But anyway it is not really necessary.
  13. Tyler53841

    Controversial opinions

    Personally I lost interest after DP because the anime has too much repetition for a number of reasons. a. They keep using Ash instead of just replacing him with a different character. b. They just keep using the same plot over and over of Ash failing to win a League Competition. c. They...
  14. Tyler53841

    News Kenyuu Horiuchi to become the new voice of Professor Oak.

    Confirmed today that Kenyuu Horiuchi will be replacing the late Unshō Ishizuka as the new voice actor for the Japanese version of Professor Oak. Here is my source for this news...
  15. Tyler53841

    Should a anime series be made on pokemon adventures manga

    Same thing with american comic books and their TV/Movie Adaptions, the sad truth is that with media, the audience has to be considered first and unlike books or video games there are more censorship rules in place to help attract an audience. One example is sometimes the original material might...