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    By the way there are exactly 666 bredable pokemon. Of those you get 664 eggs because you can't breed the ghost bug type that has one health. That is a double Pokemon at level 20 for nincada. Can't get it through evolution normally. As well as Manaphy only breeds Phione, and Phione with ditto only breeds Phione as well. Hence 664 eggs.
    By the way, i'm still reading every single post that gets posted to it. I'm curious as to which side is going to win :p
    I know we can't talk about the game until it's over, but truthfully, I had expected to get NK'd during Night 1 due to my suspicion of you :p Sadly though since you're still an active play, I don't think I'm allowed to say much more of my thoughts on the matter :(
    Sorry that we missed each other, I should be around most of the weekend so let me know what's a good time for you to trade :)
    You can't breed legendaries, as well as you can go to the global trading station on any game and put up extras or whatever for any non legendary pokemon and you will get them pretty fast. There is no need to ask people online here!
    I do have non perfects, but what I mean is all 666 breedables have been bred and they are all IV 31 perfect in all 6 stats. They aren't 5/6 31 IVs. These I have a one of a kind of each and I will not trade, TOOK A LONG ASS TIME. But the others (I have all breedable as non perfects as well). What did you need?
    Don't worry, people don't get angry this easily. And if they do, it makes them look scummy anyway.
    Also, don't be so afraid, everyone might screw up now and then. There was a time I took these games extremely seriously, and I eventually had to stop because of their stress. I'm over it now.
    I don't think that having such a username is enough to get you lynched in Day 1, but I definitely get your point :)
    Hello, may I sent you a FR?
    Anyways, it was a good choice that you changed usernames. People at mafias get annoyed when other players don't have concrete usernames they can refer to or vote on.
    Sure, I just need a few to get Ratatta from Pokebank and I'll get online as soon as I can!
    Ohno they are all breeding leftovers so you can keep them. Let me know what's a good time for you so we can set up a time to trade :)
    Hey, sorry I missed you yesterday. Yeah, it's your 3 with the stones for what ever you need of the 2 boxes (some you may have), you can trade me a bunch of whatever to match for the ones you need, I'll add friend code this evening. I'll be on 5:30-6:30ish EST this evening 6/11. Will you be available then?
    No need for that! But I'll be online a majority of the afternoon and night tomorrow so hopefully I can catch you.
    Sounds good, I can be on near 6PM EST to about 7PM EST then later in the night like 8:30 or 9 tonight, what is your friend code?
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