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  • well, one thing I like. I find them funny, but it's not like I'm that into things like that ^^;
    you're welcome, but there's more :3c [sub]yes, I enjoy fairly weird stuff[/sub]
    Ah, makes sense, but he still has the older phone. It does what he wants it to do, however, of course.
    I see, that's true lol. An upgrade is an upgrade even if it's seen better days.
    Ah, I was wondering (shows how long it's been since I've seen either of them. ^^;), and that's good to hear. Oh, nice, new tech is exciting, indeed. What model is it?
    You're welcome! Yep~ With that said, nice to meet you, I'm Rabbit, ignore my avatar, it doesn't mean that much. As for yours, Bayleef is pretty, I approve~ Anyway, how's your day going? :)
    Hi~ I see you've offered to sub for Flop's game. I (unfortunately) won't have the chance to play with you (yet), but I'd like to say welcome to the War Room~ It's a friendly place most of the time. ^-^
    It was the Fairy team that made me like many fairies.
    Before playing the team, I used to say on the 'Most Hated Pokemon' and 'You tell the above poster why their favorite Pokemon sucks' that "I hated Pokemon based on inanimate objects and nothing will make me change my mind" when I gave some of them a chance (Klefki was the main one, Swirlix, Slurpuff, Spritzee, and Aromatisse too) I changed my mind.

    Dragons, Electric, and Poison will be my next 'Type Team'
    planned team:
    (Fairy Team) Only Sweepers?
    which Pokemon would have been a bit better suggested (one of the types has to be fairy)
    Don't worry, I'll still take the suggestion. I never can get enough of them.
    I save all suggestions on a text document, before starting teams, I read them carefully -
    for breeding nature, abilities. Many times my shinies don't make the team.

    I'm also thinking of doing a play through for each type.

    Already finished - Fairy Team (on Pokemon Y - Elite 4 & Diantha)

    Already got going:
    X - Fighting Team
    Y - Dark Team
    Y - Fire Team
    Y - Flying Team
    Y - Water Team
    3 are pure fairy types - 3 others are 2 types, one of them is fairy. Fairy/Steel, Fairy/Psychic, Fairy/Electric
    Still need experience, did lost fairly quickly - the person that gave me advice was also my online opponent.

    I got advice a couple days ago on a slightly competitive cat team. Still haven't bred.
    I do the same, new posts, i reply as spon as possible.

    I'm also getting into competitive battling, have lots to learn. Slowly getting there for now been trying to get competitive Fairy team. Been getting advice on competitive teams.
    it's alright - and great too, I'm on Bulbagardens a lot, especially in the Fun and Games
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