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  • Don't think I will be around :/ My 3ds isnt charging atm so gotta look into that first. But sure I will let you know
    And mind hatching the egg and letting me know it's male? I'm 98% sure it is but it doesn't hurt to ask. :)
    Just the heart scale is cool! They're super handy when I need to reteach the Pokemon I breed with egg moves. xD But I'm adding your FC right now.
    Oh no you can't. The mother Pokemon passes down the Pokeball it's caught in. So like if you have an Oddish in a nest ball all her off spring will be in an nest ball. And I can trade if you can? I'm fine with evolutionary stones as well. Or even things like a heart scale.
    Hey I just got Ralts. Can you trade and hatch the egg to be sure it's the right one? :p
    Sorry about getting back to you so late. I'll be on for the next few hours, my FC is 0103-9250-3985. If we're not able to trade today, let me know if you're available another time. I should be very flexible the next few days. Thanks.
    I should be able to trade at 4pm Eastern time. If something comes up, I'll let you know. Most likely it will only be a couple of hours delay (i.e. maybe 6 or 7pm instead of 4pm).

    If you're not in the Eastern time zone, let me know what time you'll be available in relation to my time zone (I'm in the Eastern time zone). Thanks.
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