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  • Yep. He starts out aloof and whatnot, but he's very affectionate with Vixen, and only Vixen, and even when he's pissed he still keeps his cool. As of right now, he's only lost his composure once.

    Shauntal's personality in the fic is based off her Manga representation. I read the translation where she was with White on the battle Subway, and she actually baited the Kami's to fight just because it'd make an awesome story. Afterwards, she showed some perception in noting their capture.

    Hooray! Tell me what you think of it :3
    It totally works, he's still suave and prim and proper and whatnot, but god help you if you mess with his little girl.

    *She. The Deino's name is Lola.

    I haven't gotten to Opelucid yet. In fact, we're just now leaving Undella Town after a nice, well-deserved Vacation in Cynthia's villa. Shauntal is batshit crazy though.

    Here's the link when you wanna read it :3 Lola: An Underdog Story Chapter 1: Prologue, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

    And that sounds cool! Vixen's rival started with an Oshawott, and even though the trainer is a dickwad the Oshawott-now-Samurott is actually a huge sweety.
    Lmao no, it's basically the plot of Black 2 with my own twists and stuff added to it. A small teen is making her way through the BW2 Unova league with her tame Deino, and she's fighting Team Plasma at the same time. The reason your comment is reinforcing my desire to get a new chapter out soon is because Grimsley happens to be Vixen *the trainer's* teacher. As in, she's his apprentice. And he's pretty much adopted her as his daughter XD
    Yeah, my toe has been oozing puss and swimming in fire for going on 4 days now. It's incredibly painful to walk on, and god forbid I let even a single strand of hair touch it without it bursting into MORE fire.

    And good comedians always stand by their jokes. That was still terrible though.
    Ugh we're gonna have to reconnect one more time. Sorry about that wifi does that sometimes.
    We're going to have to reconnect. That'll solve the connection issue we're having. Go ahead and sign off and on and by host I mean set up a trade so I can interact with you lol
    Cool, just gonna finish this trade and than I'll add you and meet you on wifi. Please host :)
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