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Recent content by Typhlosionn

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    Pokémon anime going strong in India: Up to 57.1 million viewers for Hungama TV airing

    Re: Pokémon anime going strong in India: Up to 57.1 million viewers for Hungama TV ai This is amazing to hear! As an Indian, I really appreciate the fact that the Indian Pokemon Anime has reached so many views.
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    Things in pokemon that dont make sense

    Well they could stop that streak.
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    Magikarp used Splash! IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!

    Greninja finish it off with Extrasensory.
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    Rate the Avatar Above You [v3]

    8/10 Fits with usertitle.
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    Primal Reversion

    Re: Ancient Devolution/Primal Reversion Can Primal Dialga in PMD be related to Primal Devolution?
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    [Insert Chuck reference here]

    Welcome! :D
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    Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

    Huh? How can that happen?
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    This or That! (Pokemon)

    Gym Battles. Feraligatr or Typhlosion?
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    Used Metronome!

    Volt Tackle
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    Pokemon names you mispronounced?

    Staraptor. Though I don't remember how I pronounced it.
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    Worst Legendary Pokemon!

    Regigigas. It's ability is terrible.
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    Do you like Normal type Pokemon?

    7/10 Good in competitive.
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    What's your Favorite Region?

    My favorite will be Johto. It's such a nice region..
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    Most hideous Pokemon?

    Diggersby, Garbordor, Magmortar. Such bad designs..
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    what's your favorite ability in pokemon

    Speed Boost, Moxie, Contrary and Protean.