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Recent content by Typhoon

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    Pokemon Conquest Discussion Thread

    From what I've seen these Pokemon are supposed to be very rare so it might not be a bad idea. However the code is universal so if you don't want to preorder you can always check the Serebii event database (http://www.serebii.net/conquest/passwords.shtml) and it's possible bulbapedia will post...
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    MM'ing for Shinies: How long has it taken you?

    In HG I started breeding bulbasaurs for my friend and on the sixth egg there was a shiny! I was shocked and extremely happy. I named the bulbasaur after my friend to thank him :)
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    GEN V BATTLE: UU Match

    I will battle you. And I'm free pretty much any time today M FC is 4040-9883-7029
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gen 5) When EV training, if you do wild double battles and only defeat one Pokemon, then run away from the other, do you get the one pokemons EV's or the other pokemons as well? I assumed only one, but as I've been training I've noticed the EV's get full...
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    The Shiny Encounters Thread

    I was breeding bulbsuars for a friend (using a foreign parent) and I got a shiny on the sixth egg :O
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Hi, so I've been getting a bit interested in some competitive battling stuff, but I'm a bit confused on which pokemon go in which tiers. Would it be possible for some editor(s) to add a small section on which pokemon fit in which tier? ex: Alakzam is considered to be an OU pokemon. (in a box...
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    Tropius and Shroomish

    I can give you a tropius and shroomish if you have a glameow? Just send me a pm to set everything up
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    Shinies, Events, and Legendaries!!!

    I can give pkrs would you be willing to trade world11scrafty for it?
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    please I'd like these

    I can get you all of those. Do you have an omanyte or glameow? If you want to trade just shoot me a pm
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    Some random stuff (gen iv also)

    I have or can breed female spiritombs in gen IV if you have a glameow or omanyte you're willing to trade
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    looking for a houndoom

    I have one I'm willing to trade its level one female with beat up
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    Want: Bagon

    That's cool by me and your bagon will be egg moved with hydro pump EDIT: I had some wifi trouble recent but I solved it this morning and my FC has changed it is now 3310-9027-2466
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    Want: Bagon

    I can give u one for the linoone
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    If you could be any pokemon you wanted to be, who would you choose?

    I would say cherubi they are so cute and happy
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    Pokemon that Need Evolutions

    Aridos it is such a good pokemon with an awesome move set, but it's base stats are low for a fully evolved pokemon. Plus I would like to see more bug pokemon that aren't complete push overs