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  • Hail, Prince of Leonster. Have FE Fates arrived over yet? I'm still waiting for it to come over to Australia.
    Thanks, mate. Fortunately, the language is a non-issue, as I am Japanese - thus just needing to get the Japanese original. (I currently live in Sydney, but I and my family is from Tokyo.) It's not on the 3DS Virtual Console, is it?

    Unfortunately, I had the same problem with my Pokémon Black 1 - while the story was the best, the gameplay balance seemed to be the worst; I couldn't enjoy the game as much.
    Hey, after I finished Awakening, I'm thinking about trying Geneaology. How difficult is Geneology? Also do you reckon I should play the Akaneia remakes? I haven't played the story that started it all, and I want to, but I also heard that gameplay-wise it's not as good as Magvel/Tellius.

    (For reference, I've played Elibe before, and I know that I didn't have much grinding opportunities save the Colloseum.)

    I've heard of it, but I've never played it. I want to though. I've played Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon though.

    Ah it figures that your name wasn't from Wizard101 though. It's this weird guy thing if you wondering on my end what it is.
    Hi! How are you?

    Does your new username Tyrfing come from Wizard101? I know of a boss that's named Tyrfing in Wizard101 so yeah.
    Aww, someone got to me first so I gave the code to them. :/ Really sorry! But hopefully more spare ones will pop up so you can get one soon.
    yeah, sure – i use a myriad of names on showdown, so if i ever see you on i'll send you a pm!

    edit: by the way, flame charge heatran isn't on smogon yet - it's a relatively recent set that was used in a few tournament matches. it'll probably be on in a few weeks' time. it's a really fun set, though, so i'm glad you like it!
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