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  • K then :) since no lie i think that masterball would just gather dust in my inventory xD so put it to good use ;D and the relic crown would help out with my spending sprees :p
    Hello, I am sure you are aware that your dw female baby is ready for pick up, so I was just dropping by to remind you of our trade. I'll need to trade soon with you, so the sooner the better.

    I would like to avoid canceling our trade as I have a friend who is willing to breed me what you were offering at no cost to me. So if you are able to trade with me before my friend, that would be great for you and my friend. Let me know when we can meet up. Though if you would rather cancel your trade, give me a heads up.
    Sorry if i'm sounding impatient, but are you in the Wifi, or are you still getting the Melotta?
    Actually, if it's not to much trouble, a Life Orb would be nice, I havn't gotten around to getting one for my Reuniclus yet.
    AH, okay. I thought that time was when you were ready, not when it was actually possible to trade ^^'
    Okay then, sorry for bothering you, I'll wait for then!
    Are you free to trade now?
    EDIT: in about 3 min actually, not now. need to finish Elite Four
    Just wondering if you are still good to trade for my DW Dratini. It's been 2wks now and i don't like holding things that long :X
    Yea man I've got a few spare Regi's. And I'm perdy sure I've got a Treeko too. But if ya can't get online til tuesday, thats cool I can wait. Thanks
    I just missed ya. Ah well, maybe I'll catch ya later. But I'll totally trade you somethin for that Torchic! :D
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