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  • That seemed to do it! Thanks for the trade, I've been trying to get my hands on that Taillow for like a week, so it's very much appreciated. Cheers!
    Yeah same here, one of our connections must be not working great. I just finished a different trade and everything was fine, so I don't think it's me but I don't know for sure. We should both disconnect and then go back in, might help.
    Oh man thank you for the nature I was looking for that is great. I'm heading in right now.
    That's perfect! Can you give me about 10 minutes? I'm just finishing up a different trade and then I'll be all set.
    Just wondering if you're free to trade sometime today? I realize it's like 6:30am for you right now, but i can try to stay up if we work out a day that works for the both of us. Just let me know~
    Ahhh. I didn't notice your local time yesterday, sorry! I'm available to give you it now, but if you don't see me online anytime before 5 today (if you're not on now) PM me, I'll get it on my phone and jump on to trade with you.
    I'll keep it on hold for you for a few weeks, don't worry if we can't do it tonight. On that note- send me a vm when you're free (if at all) tonight. If you don't see me online, send me PM and I'll hop on to trade. I'll have to enter your fc when we go to do it.
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