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UB-01 Kenobi
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  • No. Pokemon that aren't considered banned is: Aegislash, Blaze Blaziken(only blaze ability can be used). Necessarily 32 was just an exaggerated number. (32 people divided by 2 is 16 divided by 2 is 8 divided by 2 is 4 divided by 2 is 2 divided by 2 is 1 winner for a tournament.) Greninja is also still legal. If you want to watch the video i watched i can share it with you. (kind of basing it off the battling association some youtubers i watch used and actually keeps battles fun)
    well i am making rules regarding pokemon you draft.

    EX: Bob Drafted Aegislash in round 1 turn 1. Round 2 Bob cant draft an OU mon that round he has to draft a lower tier mon and he is going to have last pick.(serpentine draft).
    instead of using a team building process(which stops a lot of people) you will be drafting a team of 10 pokemon then you draft a mega evolution like a sports draft.
    np. Hey what do you think of my idea for a BBA/NBA (BBA= Bulbagarden Battle Association and NBA=National Battle Associtation). some of the ideas was discussed in one of my blogs and i have a better idea of it now and i am currently making the rules.

    (we can have our own version of ESPN as well)
    Is it true that Psychic is a bad offensive type in the higher tiers? Should lead Azelf and 3 attacks Starmie run it in OU? Is it at least good defensively?
    And what Suicune sets are viable in OU?
    Hi! How are you?

    I've been using my in-game Walrien, and sense I try to accept every challenge I get on the PSS, most of them end up being competitive players. When I send out Walrien, and they expect it to be the stalling set, and then I come out and spam Blizzard and end up wreaking stuff I bet they're really surprised.

    Do you know what's better then a turbo boost?
    1) In Ubers (a netgame I recently because interested in), what SR users are good beyond Deoxys-S? Metagross?
    2) What pairs well with Deoxys-A?
    3) How should I EV and is Shadow Ball viable? Can I "play" with coverage? Deoxys just has an insane movepool...
    Yeah, it looks like I'll have the next 20 minutes or so free. So I'll head on over to PS. Which room should I meet you in?
    I'm usually online in the afternoons and early evenings, starting around 1 PM EST and ending around 8 or 9 PM EST. But tomorrow I'll be available only until 7 PM EST.
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