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UB-01 Kenobi
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  • Hey again.

    Ah. Just wondering.
    Hey, also, what if Mew could change change it's Type like Arceus (but forfeited it's Synchronize Ability for Multitype.)?

    I found a person on Youtube called thescreendoormeteror who has the exact same avatar as you.
    I'll try that out, but I have no idea if it'll workout or not.

    Is there any Pokemon besides Mega-Rayquaza that can beat most, or all Types of Arceus?
    Sometimes though, you don't know who the heck is going to challenge you. At least, on the PSS anyway.

    I can totally imagine the physical reprisentation of Smogon as this gigantic building, and there are rooms where each of the Pokemon of a curtain tier hang out (like Talonflame launging in the OU labeled room.). Anyway, I can also imagine that one day, Mega Rayquaza just comes in like some kind of meteor and rockets straight into the Uber room and just practically demolishes everything in there, and just leaves laughing hystarically. Then right after that, someone runs to the Uber room, to find it to be in ruins and all the Pokemon in there practically in a daze after waking up from what happened, then that person says: "We need to do something about this."
    And thus is how the Anything Goes tier thing was created. :p
    Groudon is slow as well though. Setting up Rock Polish and Swords Dance without getting KOed or forced to switch... Isn't that pretty hard?
    I'll use it then.

    Yeah, but that turn of Swords Dance, your opponent can just use to KO Groudon.

    Also, for Doubles, is the Xerneas+Geomency+Power Herb+(Genesect+Simple Beam on Xerneas) good? I mean, Geomency with Simple raises Xerneas's Sp.Atk, Sp.Def, and Speed to absurd levels.
    +4 252+ SpA Xerneas Focus Blast vs. 4 HP / 252 SpD Eviolite Chansey: 442-522 (68.8 - 81.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
    Oh. Should I maybe use an Adamant Nature then?
    Speaking of which, can Kyogre use Thunder better?

    750 Atk Stat is nothing to laugh at lol
    Hi! How are you?

    Is a Nauty Natured Mixed Primal Groudon viable? I want to use Solar Beam...

    Also, in Doubles Uber, is the Primal Groudon+Cherim combenation good? I mean with Flower Gift and all...

    Then u lame~ :p n the Ninja will always live within me~! Even tho it just got banned~!....#SadLyfe
    I forgot that Xerneas could learn Focus Blast. Fail on my part.

    Oh. I'm still going to put Walrein on a Hail team though even though Walrein sucks and Hail sucks. Sealeo is my favorite Ice-Type Pokemon, and Ice is one of my favorite Types in general so yeah.
    Still want that Snow Warning Aurorus though...
    Nyeheheheh. At least Blaziken still beats it, Mega Evolution or not.

    Does Dialga beat Xerneas? I mean, I know Dialga is a Dragon-Type, but it's also a Steel-Type, which resists Fairy-Types and hits them Super-Effectively.

    Can Walrein be a tank rather then a wall Pokemon?
    Ah okay. I was just wondering if there were any other reasons. Sometimes I see some bans, and it makes sense why they're banned, but then I ask someone about why, and they say something that I never realized was a reason, ya know?

    Funny how I don't see Greninja beating Primal Groundon. All thanks to Desolate Land evaporating that Hydro Pump...
    Ah okay. Just wonderin'.

    I hava and use Pikachu thou so ya ned to deal wit dat.:p

    Also, I tend to really struggle whenever I fight Carbink or Shuckle.
    That Talonflame...

    You should try it out sometime. It's really cool if you like any of the pre-evolutions like Ralts or Bagon. LC does have a ban-list however.
    Arceus is overpowered. Although maybe if Sleep Clause wasn't enabled, then Darkrai might be even more overpowered.

    Also, how do you think Contrary Serperior will effect the metagame? I think it would be cool because it's bulky and fast. Plus, with Leaf Storm, it can just turn into a boosting sweeper, plus spread paralysis using Glare. I believe that Dragon Pulse returns to it's movepool due to the Move Tutors as well.

    Don't forget Contrary Snivy in Little Cup. How will it fare there as well?
    Hi! How are you?

    Heh, it's just this thing I have. The time you check it doesn't really matter though.
    I already checked it, and I got the Eon Ticket, so yeah.

    Also, I saw that Salamencite (aka Mega Salamence) is "banned" (Well, more so moved to the newly sort of revamped Ubers tier, due to the making of Anything Goes, which is now the true ban list due to Mega Rayquaza coming in and completely trashing the Ubers room like a Tauros in a china shop.). Anyway, I'm just wondering, sense Mega Blaziken is in Ubers as well, I'm wondering what does Mega Blaziken lose against?
    I figured that since the quote is going to be used for the Pokemon family, I thought that a small mention would be appropriate for the occasion. If you still don't want to add something, then I guess that will be it.

    Thank you for your contribution!
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