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  1. UB-01 Kenobi

    Moves that Pokemon should/should not be able to learn

    Y'all do realize that 100 speed is not "fast", right? A Pokémon can't be reasonably characterized as "fast" unless it at least hits 111 speed to beat out the extremely clogged 110 speed tier (mega metagross, gengar, stuff like that). A 100 speed Pokémon needs either a) exceptional (sp)atk or...
  2. UB-01 Kenobi

    Pokemon Stars Discussion Thread (Speculation)

    GSC already broke any hypothetical "all games on one platform" rule. GS are Game Boy games, Crystal only works on Game Boy Color
  3. UB-01 Kenobi

    Lillie, Lusamine, Ultra Beasts, Doppelgangers (Spoilers abound)

    I personally think it's exceedingly obvious that Lillie's outfit - in an out of universe sense - is based on Nihilego. The silhouette is near identical, the color scheme is similar, and there is literally no point to the line in Nihilego's flavor text about it acting like a young girl except to...
  4. UB-01 Kenobi

    Your favourite battle style

    It's a wannabe JoJo pose lmao
  5. UB-01 Kenobi

    Your favourite battle style

    You get elegant for free as soon as you meet the battle style guy
  6. UB-01 Kenobi

    What did you NOT like about Sun&Moon?

    Also it's stated that the rotom dex was developed in Kalos, not Alola. You only get it when the last shipment of apecialized parts comes in to Kukui's lab from Kalos - he mentions that he wanted you to have it since you're new to alola. Since the pc starts the island challenge literally before...
  7. UB-01 Kenobi

    Little Cup

  8. UB-01 Kenobi

    Z-Moves: Do you even use them?

    don't worry about it only a handful of comp teams incorporate z-moves at all (and even then it's usually z-memento, z-conversion, or z-sandstorm or something like that, not an actual attack)
  9. UB-01 Kenobi

    Gen VII Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Spoiler Free)

    1. You still incur recoil damage. Long Reach protects you from Rough skin, Iron Barbs, Rocky Helmet, Spiky Shield, Baneful Bunker, King's Shield, Static, Flame Body, etc. not your own moves' effects. 2. Gale Wings is terrible now because 9 out of 10 times you'll be coming in on Stealth Rock...
  10. UB-01 Kenobi

    Pokemon Game in 2017

    I suppose we should be expecting South Central Sinnoh in DP remakes, then, if mountains count as vacant space :P
  11. UB-01 Kenobi

    Pokemon Game in 2017

    Such as...? What pointed to southern Kalos beyond those two references?
  12. UB-01 Kenobi

    Pokemon Game in 2017

    I agree that it might not necessarily make sense, but the fact of the matter is that the "s" is never capitalized - the game literally NEVER refers to a place called "Southern Kalos". They say "southern Kalosian life" - which might refer to temperature/climate for all we know, since Ambrette is...
  13. UB-01 Kenobi

    Pokemon Game in 2017

    Your problem is that you're adding a capital "S" to southern when it's not meant to be capitalized. You want to see a tropical subregion called Southern Kalos, but the only two times that southern Kalos is mentioned in the games is with a lowercase "s" - as in, the part of Kalos that is to the...
  14. UB-01 Kenobi

    What did you NOT like about Sun&Moon?

    You gotta talk to the other guy at the counter. He sells different stuff depending on the mart, sometimes including poke balls
  15. UB-01 Kenobi

    Moves that Pokemon should/should not be able to learn

    The recoil is a small price to pay for the higher power, 100% accuracy, and most importantly, not being a 2 turn move. Fly is like literally a terrible move lmao And sure it wouldn't NOT make sense to give it Fly, but like I said, who really cares one way or the other since it got brave bird?