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Recent content by Umbetron

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    Contest Blastoise vs Swampert

    Swampert Also gets Muddy Water
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    GEN VI: Charizardite Y

    i Have one and a charizard&charizardnite Y though i need a metacross my Freind Code :0619-4404 msg me back if you want him
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    Contest Espeon vs. Umbreon

    Iv'e had expeirience with both and Natrually they are both amazing in there own ways espeon has the offense and the speed.While Umbreon follows up with the high defense and Sp.Def and with the right moves allowed by its unique movepool can be a dangerous foe to any team.he reminds me of...
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    Underrated Pokemon you like?

    Youcw got a Decent Team Storm Silverwing but your overdoing it with the dark types. Anybody with a fighting bug or fairy type like Azumurill will sweep your entire team i recomend switching Treverant with an Abomosnow to cover annoying dragons and water types. And take away Yveltal and put in a...
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    Underrated Pokemon you like?

    Probobly Zangoose and umbreon because there not used much but are very versatile to any playstile oops almost forgot magmortar the first confution master
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    Recent Gaming Purchases

    I bought Call of Duty for my brother but for myself GTA 5.I love doing totally random things on those games.
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    Unsolved Mysteries in X/Y...

    yes it is a Pseudo legendary and guite handy on the X/Y Elite 4.But suposively Goodra's ability is likes its signature move,like blastoise has hydro cannon & sceptile has leaf blade I found that too but have no idea what it means,Nintendo is known for its mysteries,like in the first mario &...
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    Contest Blastoise vs Feraligatr

    Blastoise naturally for has AMAZING Sp.Atk & Def ,and as my first level 100 blastoise is the king of the ocean
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    All Collection X/Collection Y's Pokémon-EX, Trainer cards, Holofoils leaked: Images,

    Re: All Collection X/Collection Y's Pokémon-EX, Trainer cards, Holofoils leaked: Imag I Was Able to get the chespin and frokie deck on ebay which i heard from local TCG stores will be in December 22
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    If you could invent a new type

    We dont Need a type but probobly some tweaking with exsisting types
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    The "If Pokémon Were Real" Thread

    I'd Want Squirtle
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    Hello PokeFans!

    Nice to meet you !:spin: